Clam Lake News & Events

I’ll start out this week with a couple of apologies..

First to Ransom’s Place and Clam Lake Forest Riders Snowmobile Club for the messed up date on their “Meat Raffle” last Saturday..I hope you had a good turn out anyway..

Second, I would like to make a must needed correction:

The date of the Clam Lake Elk Country Atv Club’s Brat Feed will be held on Saturday, August 18th from 10am to 5pm.. at the Clam Lake Junction picnic area..The 1st prize for the “Poker Run Cards is 200.00$ not 100$.. I hope I didn’t confuse anyone with this miss-print.. Also, Rick Guthman hopes that everyone gets out there to get your “poker cards” stamped to help support the club..

August Birthdays and Anniversaries:
8-1 Travis Wold/ Jim Krygoski
8-2 Devin Schaeffer
8-4 Jessica Eickermann
8-10 Jane Eder/ Pete Alden/ Tare Hodgeman-Stockdale
8-14 Bob Fanella/ Gary Oligny/Kim Griffaw
8-15 Sarah Reukema
8-17 Jerry Justice
8-20 Cher Cofrin..Carol Plotkowski
8-21 Bunny Fisher/ Chris Cornell
8-23 Jim Stowell
8-25 Wendy Cobb
827 Wyatt Hulstrom turns 19!
8-29 Nate Rice
8-31 Cheryl Rice
Tom and Nila celebrate their 9th year of wedded bliss on 8/15..
Jim and Joan Wilbur celebrate their 52nd year of wedded bliss on 8/20..
On 8/30 Dave and Evalyn Frasch celebrate their life together..

No matter what you are celebrating..we hope it is happy!

Until next time be Kind!