Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Heat and storms were the order of the day for this past week. After last week’s below normal temps we soared to above normal with humidity followed by severe thunderstorms on Thursday. These storms caused damage as yet more trees were brought down blocking roadways, hitting buildings and a few vehicles. After all the trees that came down last December one finds it hard to believe there would be any weak ones left to come down but, there were.

SUCCESS! – That’s the word for Ransom’s 5th anniversary party! The weather was perfect and the “town was a-jumpin’ “ as they say with the event drawing people from near and far. For everyone’s enjoyment (and good it was!!) Zac ordered 400 pieces of chicken and 180 ears of corn plus plenty of donated sides. Then there were all the raffles and the corn hole tournament! What a great event! We thank them for hosting it and their generosity to both the Snowmobile and ATV Clubs. We wish them many more!!!! (As a side note – this marks the 36th year a party on the last Saturday in July has been held at this location. It began with Deb’s Y-Go-By as a Customer Appreciation Party.)

ST. GEORGE CHAPEL – Mass is celebrated every Saturday at 6:00 pm at St. George – our historic “Chapel in the Pines”. Come take a step back in time to a simpler era in our log cabin chapel made from the forest that surrounds it. When you hear the old bell atop the chapel ring out you know it’s almost time for the service to begin. All are welcome! Come pray with us!

SPEAKING OF….St. George has undergone some makeovers during the past couple of years with new paint both inside and out. The freshly painted floor has brightened up the inside considerably. Outside, the cedar shrubs and rocks at the base of the hand carved wooden sign have been removed. The shrubs had been left to go wild for many years and had! They had grown over the rocks so thickly that the rocks were no longer visible nor could the sign be reached. Once that was removed and the sign could be examined, it was checked out by Clam Lake’s resident wood carver Brian Johnson who proclaimed that the wood was still in remarkably good condition although severely weathered. Upon hearing that, it was decided to proceed with having the old sign restored. Restorer Kristofer Moulton of Pine City, Minnesota was contacted who agreed to work on it. Thanks go out to Dick Pankratz and Tim and Kate Fleury for transporting the sign to Pine City for restoration. Also thanks go out to Troy BeBeau for designing the new protective arch and to his onsite installation helpers Dick Pankratz and Tim Fleury. Also a thank you goes out to Ryan Lueloff for bringing out his backhoe to dig the holes for the arch. The sign has been put back near St. George although not in the same location. It now sits off to the right of the Chapel. Where the sign once stood Bob Famella Jr.’s “Historic St. George Chapel” sign now resides. The passage of time is visible on the old sign, as it should be! giving it a warm patina. It has sat and watched over St. George for close to 50 years. The sign, which is what is known as a relief carving, was made, signed and dated 1977 by woodcarver Jerry Holter (my father) all those many years ago.

Until next week…..

Pictured is the restored St. George carved sign and a photo of Dick Pankratz, Tim Fleury and Troy BeBeau working on the installation this past week.