Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

The weather this past week was on the chilly side but, from all reports, that will be ending as we climb into the high 80’s/possible low 90’s this coming week. Here comes summer, I guess!

IT’S OFFICIAL – Good news! The Glidden Area Ambulance Service is now officially the proud of owner of a brand new ambulance. We thank all those that worked so hard and donated funds to make this much needed service a reality. Thank you!

GOT TURKEYS? – Yeah! Seems hardly a day goes by that one doesn’t happen along a few turkeys or more alongside the roadways. Thankfully, they are “street smart” and seem to do their best to stay out of the way of traffic. Not that anyone should take that for granted. Best to use caution and be safe rather than sorry when it comes to wildlife near the roads.

ST. GEORGE CHAPEL – Mass is celebrated every Saturday at 6:00 pm at our historic “Chapel in the Pines”. Come take a step back in time to a simpler era in our little log cabin chapel made from the forest that surrounds it. All are welcome! Come pray with us!

ON THAT NOTE – EUCHARISTIC ADORATION – On Wednesday, July 26th, Father Aloysius will be holding a Eucharistic Adoration at St. George Chapel beginning at 10:00 am. Any of those wishing to attend are welcome.

ANNIVERSARY PARTY – On Saturday, July 29th Ransoms will be hosting their 5 Year Anniversary Party with all proceeds going to the Forest Riders Snowmobile Club and the Elk Country ATV Club. Features of the event will be a Corn Hole Tournament, raffles and a crowd favorite! – all you can eat flip chicken and corn for $10. There will also be specials on beverages. Time to come out and support both of these hard working clubs and have a good time in the process. See you there! Happy Anniversary!!!!

LOON REMINDER– That time of year when all wildlife are trying to rear the next generation of their respective species. When out on our local lakes remember to be respectful of Loons whom are protected from hunting and harassment by state and federal laws. People in water craft are asked to remain at least 150 feet away from loons and their young. We all enjoy these wonderful creatures and want to do all we can to ensure their future survival in our forest world. Thank you!

Time to wish all those celebrating birthdays in August a very happy day. They are:

August 1st – Travis Wold
August 2nd – Devin Schaeffer
August 4th – Jessica Eickermann
August 10th – Jane Eder and Pete Alden
August 12th – Deidre Eickermann
August 13th – Kim (Griffaw) Feckner, Gary Oligney and Jerry Justice
August 15th – Sarah Reukema and Ryan McCarthy
August 19th – Marlie Reukema
August 20th – Cher Cofrin and Carol Plotkowski
August 21st – Chris Cornell
August 26th – Greg Shauer
August 27th – Wyatt Hulstrom
August 29th – Nate Rice
August 30th – Katie Anderson
August 31st – Cheryl Miller

Couples celebrating wedding anniversaries in August are:

August 6th – Bob and Jayne Bay
August 15th – Tom and Nilu Eder
August 17th – Alice and Rick Filter
August 20th – Jim and Joan Wilbur
August 29th – Dan and Kathie Allen
August 30th – Dave and Evalyn Frasch

We hope they all enjoy their special days!

Pictured is a loon on a local lake.