Clam Lake News & Events

Good Monday Evening Readers..

It’s sure hard to believe that this week marks mid June..why is time flying by so fast? It seems to go by faster each month..although most fell we went from winter to summer maybe we will go from fall to spring..

F.Y.I. This Thursday the Clam Lake Community Club will be holding their monthly Potluck Dinner/ 5pm. This month they are asking meeting goers to bring one bingo prize..for the games. It could be a household item or food item or whatever you feel like giving for the fun of it all..Remember it starts at 5pm with the meeting and 5:30ish with the dinner..I Hope to see you there..

I got a call from Kish Hodgemann last week and she sure has been busy but, not as busy as her brother Mark and his wife Alexis and their trusty travel companion Dempsey from near Akron, Ohio..When they called Kish to say they were coming to visit but they were going to take their time in the trailer and see a few sights no one imagined that it would take them from Ohio to Indiana to California and the Redwoods and then whatever caught their eye on their way to Clam Lake..40 days later! While here they hit the usual tourist sights and the local casino..I didn’t hear if anyone hit it big..I guess it’s don’t ask, don’t tell sort of thing..But, everyone had a great time!

F.Y.I. When you are making your plans for your 4th of July celebration don’t forget to include Clam Lake’s Fireworks Celebration which this year will be held on Saturday, July 7th at dusk.. there will be sloppy joe’s, popcorn and beverages on hand for your celebration..So, come and ENJOY!!

Enjoy the weather..even if it’s rain..Until next time..Be Kind!