Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

What extremes of temperature we have had this past week! One day the heat was on, the next the A/C, then back to cranking the heat again. At least the weekend cleared and was very nice.

CAMPGROUNDS: Good news for campers! As of Friday, June 12th, Day Lake, East Twin Lake and the Black Lake Campgrounds have been reopened to the general public.

REMINDERS: The Elk Country ATV Club will be holding a day ride on Saturday, June 27th. Anyone interested in going on this ride should be at the Elkhorn by 9:00 am that morning. Sounds like a great way to social distance and have some fun at the same time! An added plus is getting out to enjoy the forest this time of year and, hopefuly! out pace the bugs.

THE WEST FORK WATERWAY ASSOCIATION will be holding their annual meeting via teleconference on Saturday June 20th at 10:00 am. If you care to join in, please visit their website at to learn how to contact one of the Board members for the number and pin to participate. The Association works to preserve and protect the historic waterway. They also assist the Town of Gordon in maintaining the Dam.

ST. GEORGE’S CHAPEL is now “open for business” for the summer season. Thanks go out to those that helped clean and ready the Chapel and it’s grouinds for another season of worship.We will be following guidelines set down by Bishop Powers regarding social distancing and the wearing of masks. Special precautions will also be in effect for the receiving of Holy Communion. We wish to provide a safe and pleasant place to worship in our historic “Chapel in the Woods”. Mass is said on Saturdays at 6:00 pm. Come pray with us!

TURTLES: I have seen quite a few turtle “mamas” as they make their way inland to lay their eggs. Time to be on the lookout for them on the road ways. I encountered a large snapper right in the middle of my road when driving out one day last week. Fortunately, I was able to go in the ditch and get around her. Thankfully she had moved to another destination by the time I came home. Regardless of their somewhat menacing reputation, I have always found these prehistoric looking creatures to be on the shy side.

SWAN FAMILY: Tammy Pederson reported that she had the Swan family pay her a visit this past week. Mom, Dad and the kids were all in attendance. From all accounts they are doing well! Thanks to her for sharing the update on their beautiful avian family.

DANDELION BEARS: One night last week, as it was getting dark, I decided to go to the door and look out. Normally, I’d hear my whippoorwill calling. I didn’t. As I approached the door I saw blackness. As it turned out, blackness times three. Sitting right outside the door was a young bear cub, with another off to the left busily munching something.. Mom was in front of both of them about a foot from my car. Then I knew the reason for my whippoorwill’s sudden silence. I flipped on the lights which caused the cub on the left to turn and look at me. He had a clutch of dandelion flowers hanging out of his mouth. Thankfully, they began to lumber off. After they got past my garage I opened the door to holler at them – making sure they got the message. At that point my whippoowill chimed in as if to say, “That goes for me too!” I heard the cubs scatter which made Mom turn around to see where the threat to her cubs was coming from. She picked up speed and started heading towards me. Oops!….wrong move on my part! Coming to the front of my garage she sniffed around and finding nothing there crashed off into the woods after her young. Knowing all I had to offer for dinner was salad they have not returned.

Until next week…..Happy Father’s Day to all!

Pictured are Tammy Pederson’s visitors.