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Good Evening Readers!

As this Sunday evening sun shines there are a few dark clouds off to the west. I’m not sure if that means a few more showers to close out this wonderful day or will it save more those for for the rest of the morning… Today our high was about 67 degrees, which was a far cry from the 80 degrees temps we had last week. What a contrast, it’s suppose to be in the 70’s all week but we will see…after all, it’s only a weather “prediction”…

If you are wondering when the Clam Lake Fireworks will be held this year it will be on Saturday, July 1st..They will be serving sloppy joes and popcorn, soda and beer at the concession stand starting at 8pm at the Clam Lake Community Club… The Fireworks will start at dusk. So, mark that date down and come to Clam Lake for a good time…

I attended the meeting of the West Fork Waterway Assoc. Inc. last Saturday and found it very interesting. Chris Frasch had taken a drown video of the waterway and showed it to the group and it was very interesting,.I found the video to be a fantastic way for the assoc. to spark interest in the things they are trying to do.. I was impressed. The lunch was catered by Deb’s and that was very good too.. And by the way, if you are interested in the projects the Assoc. is in to you can go to:

July Birthdays:
7-1 Bud Rubeck, Bob Bay Jr.
7-2 Steve Reinders
7-4 Dan Alden
7-5 Steve Rembos
7-6 Paula Neier (my sister) turns 65
7-7 Brian Hulstrom, Brayden Miroslaw
7-8 Elaine Bailey, Pat Reinders, Brittany Fanella
7-19 John Francois turns 75
7-21 Kevin Cornell
7-22 Tom Dezotell, Bonnie Ruekema
7-23 Kish Hodgeman, Alasen Vecchie, Evalyn Frasch
7-24 Lois Heer
7-25 Robert Bailey, Amanda Roquemore
7-26 Susan Eickermann, Marlene Hogue, Meghan and Morgan Fanella
7-27 Abby Della Ward
7-28 Gary Nelson
7-30 Scott Miller
7-31 Tammy Hollister “possum”
Anniversary Wishes go out to :
07/02 Jerry and Lea Justice
07/06 Dave and Julie Kronbar
07/15 Ron and Dolores Warner
07/21 Bob and Karen Schmidt
07/27 Fred and Kish Hodgeman
No matter what you are celebrating we all hope it’s happy!!

Last Sunday down at Deb’s Jim and were out for dinner and ran in to the nicest couple, thing is we knew this couple but hadn’t seen them in about 25 years… As the story goes Pete and Barb Jones have been coming to Clam Lake for “ions” staying at Art Zurawski’s Resort years ago that’s where we first met…time goes on and people change,,get older, but memories never fade. It was sure nice to see you and the coffee is always on!

Until next time…Be Kind!