Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Spring is definitely here! With the changing of the clocks, bringing us extended daylight and the warmer days – we are there! Hopefully. This winter certainly has been a blessing for all of the creatures of our forest. I am sure we can expect healthy numbers of species growth due to the easy winter. Definitely good news on that front!

UPCOMING EVENTS – The Clam Lake Community Club will be holding their monthly meeting at the Community Center on Thursday March 14th beginning at 5:00 pm. After the short meeting there will be a Pot Luck followed by some Clam Lake Style Bingo led by Master Bingo Caller Ace Griffaw. Time to come out and learn what’s going on in the village, socialize and have some fun in the process. Hope to see you there!

MARK THOSE CALENDARS – SPRING FLING – Time to mark those calendars for the upcoming Spring Fling. This event will be held on Saturday April 6th beginning at 4:00 pm at the Clam Lake Community Center. People attending are asked to bring a dish to pass and whatever they want to drink. Looks like it’s time to come out of the woods and celebrate spring with neighbors and friends. This popular event always promises to be a good time. All are welcome!

RETURNS – With the advent of spring a few species of water fowl have been making their return even though the lakes they seek may not be totally open. I awoke the other morning to the clamorous honks of my returned swans. They can be quite boisterous this time of year seeming to want to let everyone know they are back in town. Without much open water to be had they often just take strolls on the ice to survey their world.

EAGLE UPDATE – While several in the country are watching the Eagle internet sensations Jackie and Shadow of California as they hatch out their eggs, we in Clam, have our own popular eagle couple residing on Camp Fire Island. Rick Hinchcliff, of Upper Clam, keeps a close eye on their activities every year and keeps records of what he observes. Since we have a much different climate than the eagles in California our couple just began sitting on their eggs a few weeks ago. Rich estimates that, since it takes about 30 to 40 days for the eggs to hatch this year’s young eagles should be making their appearance around mid-April. We wish them well and hope that this year will be a successful one for them and their young.

EASTER EGG HUNT – The Clam Lake Junction is once again sponsoring their in store Easter Egg Hunt. Hidden throughout the public spaces of the store are plastic eggs containing candy which is yours for the taking Also hidden in the store is one Golden Egg. If you are lucky enough to find that, your name will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate. Happy Hunting to one and all!

Until next week….

Pictured are swans walking on the ice of my lake.