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Good Morning Readers, and what a Beautiful morning it is..when I woke up at six am it was already 61 degrees.. I had to look twice.. It’s going to be a beautiful day..So, enjoy!

May Birthday Wishes go Out To The Following Friends and Neighbors:
05/03 Our Retired Post Master Post Master the Great Dodo Dumanch turns 88 today!!
05/10 Len Heinlein
05/13 Meghan Keany
05/16 Jenny Gapen (Tim’s little girl}
05019 Lacey Holllter, Jacob Miroslaw
05/21 Pam Stowell
05/31 Don Castro
Anniversary Wishes go out to:
05/28 Ron and Colae Vecchie

Have a very Happy Day.. Until Next Time..Be Kind..Be Grateful.