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Good Sunday Evening Readers..

It’s 6pm and 71 degrees outside, I don’t know how warm it got today because we spent all day working in the flower out the winter debris, preparing the dirt and yes planting a few flowers..and seeds..I’m not sure my seeds will take I found them tucked away in an old box..I’m hoping so, they are of my favorite flower the Oriental Poppy.. We saw our first Hummingbird today (by we, I mean Cher, Care and myself) at Mumurwood this was a tiny female and she was a beautiful sight..We were all thrilled!!

It’s hard to believe that this week marks the half-way point of the month of May.. in two weeks it will be Memorial weekend and one change coming to our summer activities is St. George’s Chapel will no longer be having mass every Saturday evening.. It was decided to close the Chapel doors on it’s 75th anniversary year..We here in Clam Lake have a lot of questions.. What’s going to happen to to St. George’s and the land it sits on.. Our suggestion is to make a museum out of the Chapel..preserve her History and Beauty…

We all hope we find out all the answers soon..

I hope you all have a great week..

Until next time..Be Kind!