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Hello Clam Lake!

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!!!!

MEETING UPDATE – On Thursday, May 9th a presentation on fire prevention was given at the Clam Lake Community Center by members of the USFS. This informative talk was given by Mike Mattmiller (Zone Fire Management Officer), Joanie Lawrence (Assistant Zone Fire Manager) and Mike Solarz (Engine Captain). Mike Mattmiller hails from the Hayward office with Joanie and Mike Solarz representing the Park Falls office. They stated that they have a good working relationship with both the DNR and the area Fire Departments regarding handling of fires. They presented a Clam Lake Community Vicinity Map upon which were dots indicating dwellings with each of us marking where we lived. Since fire towers are a thing of the past it was noted that in today’s world Forest Service patrol planes circle our forest to detect any wildfires that may have gotten started. We were also advised on how to keep the area around our homes free of fire hazard. We thank them for this informative talk!

MEMORIAL DAY UPDATE – This year the traditional meal served to the veterans after their Clam Lake ceremony will be held at the Clam Lake Community Center. This is in lieu of the Chippewa Outpost being closed. The chicken and all the trimmings will be provided by the Outpost owners with locals being asked, if they wish to participate, to bring a side dish or dessert. This is not mandatory. All veterans and their families are welcome to attend. Monday May 27th at 1:00 pm.

BOOK CLUB REMINDER – The first meeting of the newly formed Clam Lake Book Club will be held this Tuesday May 14th at Ransoms Place running from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. The book that will be/was discussed was “The Last Wolf” by Jim Crumley. The second meeting of the club will be held on Monday June 10th at the Elkhorn. The June book being highlighted will be “The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store” by James McBride. They hope you will join them for some lively discussion, camaraderie, tasty food and inspiring libation. Food and drink will be available for purchase at both establishments.

CONDOLENCES – We wish to extend our sympathies to Lisa Braun and family on the passing of Kevin Braun of Clam Lake. Kevin was a fixture around Clam Lake for several years and will be missed. Kevin was 59.

WFWA MEETING – The West Fork Waterway Association will be holding their Directors meeting on Saturday May 18th at the Clam Lake Community Center beginning at 9:00 am. Anyone interested in learning more about this organization is welcome to attend.

HUMMERS RETURN – There have been been reports of hummingbird sightings around the village. As we ready our feeders and make the sweet nectar they crave, remember that the bears are also on the look out for a tasty sugary treat. This time of year, before the bears have a plentiful supply of natural food, they can be especially troublesome in taking down and destroying hummingbird feeders. The best advice, according to the DNR, is to take feeders in at night to protect from night time marauders.

EAGLE UPDATE – I spoke with Rick Hinchcliff a week or so ago to see how the Camp Fire Island eagles are doing with their off spring. This year the pair have successfully hatched one chick whom spends its days walking around the nest calling for its parents to come and bring it a tasty snack. We wish them well and hope people out on Upper Clam give them space as they raise their young.

DUCKS, DUCKS AND MORE DUCKS – We are all seeing plenty of ducks on the various lakes as they set up shop for the summer. JoAnna Burditt was able to snap a great photo of three male wood ducks and one shy female relaxing on a log. Such beautiful creatures! We thank her for sharing them with us!

Until next week….

Pictured is Mike Mattmiller from the USFS detailing fire prevention at the Clam Lake Community Center. Also featured is JoAnna Burditt’s photo of wood ducks.