Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

The weather this past week became a sudden blast (literally!) of summer. The temps warmed considerably with storms that hit randomly all over the area. Hayward had golf ball size hail with parts of the Clam Lake area receiving similar weather and some not. (Thankfully, I was in the “not” group.) High winds caused yet more damage to trees causing more clean up for everyone. Where the high winds decided to hit some even had the shingles fly off their roofs! This weather was not messing around! At least we did get a bit of much needed rain. The sand flies and mosquitoes were doing the happy dance.

MEETING REMINDER: The WFWA (West Fork Waterway Association) will be holding their annual Board of Directors meeting at the Clam Lake Community Club on Saturday, May 21st beginning at 9:00 am. The public are encouraged to attend. This organization was formed in order to preserve and protect the historic West Fork Waterway for recreation and public enjoyment of its scenic beauty today and in the future. The WFWA assists the Town of Gordon to maintain the Dam and waterway. To learn more and how you can help you may go to Hope to see you there!

MEETING RECAP: The Clam Lake Community Club held their monthly meeting on Thursday, May 12th. Discussion was held on a variety of topics including the Park landscaping project, A/C for the Club and meeting speakers. After the meeting, everyone enjoyed a delicious (always!) Pot Luck and then settled in for some Clam Lake Style Bingo. Jane Hebert, much to her dismay, started off the proceedings with a Bad Bingo. This was quickly followed by a spelling lesson by Kim Filter. The word? Chihuahua. Try that one with your mouth full! As things got busy, we had to put Ace on pause for a minute or two but, he quickly rebounded by being the lucky winner of the “Fill Your Card” prize. Congrats to him and Kim Filter for winning the door prize!

“SAVE THE DATE” REMINDER – 27TH ANNUAL CLEANSWEEPS COLLECTION PROGRAM: This year’s Cleansweeps in Ashland County will be held Wednesday, June 22nd at the Northwood Technical College in the south parking lot at 2100 Beaser Ave from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Toxic and hazardous products and items will be accepted. Also accepted are controlled medications and prescriptions and over the counter medications. We’ll trade you “Drugs for Free Donuts” if you bring in your unwanted medications. Last year, 11,000 pounds of toxic materials were brought to the Ashland site, safely keeping them out of local waterways and landfills.

NO MOW MAY: This is a concept that is taking root in various communities aimed at trying to help bees and other pollinators to survive and thrive. “No Mow May” encourages people to cut back on mowing their lawns or even skip it altogether. Natural growth provides bees with nectar that they need to grow and pollinate. By choosing not to mow in May you can help the ecosystem and save yourself some yard work while you’re at it. Sounds like a plan to me!

ELK CALF SEARCH (STILL TIME): If you are wishing to participate in the 2022 elk calf search there is still time to volunteer. The search, led by elk biologist Josh Spiegel and his assistant Sarah Looman, will get underway May 21st running through June 22nd. This is a great opportunity to assist with the ongoing elk research team as they collar the new born calves. This allows them to compare survival rate data compiled many years ago by former elk biologist Laine Stowell. Once again, be warned that this activity can be rigorous. Please take that into consideration before volunteering. As in years past the group will meet in Clam Lake before heading out although searching will include the entire Clam Lake range. If interested or want more information please contact Sarah Looman at or 715-634-7464.

HISTORY MOMENT: Taken from the Glidden Enterprise in May of 1946: “Clam Lake Community to Give Party – Another of the popular Clam Lake parties has been scheduled by the Clam Lake Community to make a little money for their building fund. The party will be held at the Clam Lake Club house on the evening of Tuesday, June 4th, and the Grassel orchestra of Park Falls has been secured to provide the music. You make a donation to the Club’s building fund and a member of the club will see that you get an invitation to the party, besides the dancing, the Club treats all to a lunch and refreshments, both solid and liquid.”

Until next week…..

Pictured is a large tree that came down at the former Clam Lake Guard Station.