Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

We seem to have gone from winter to summer – just like that. One minute we’re looking out at snow banks dwindling, the next running for cover as a swarm of gnats attack. Things are greening up in a hurry that’s for sure. Everyone I talk to has been out clearing yards of fallen tree debris, carting off fallen buildings or repairing damage done to homes. This past winter definitely left its mark and will not soon be forgotten.

ST. GEORGE CHAPEL RE-OPENS – Saturday, May 27th at 6:00 pm St. George Chapel in Clam Lake will once again open its doors for the summer season. St. George’s services have historically been held over the summer tourist season from Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day. Come and worship in our historic log cabin “Chapel in the Woods” built in 1948 in remembrance of a son taken too soon. Come pray with us!

NEW FLAG: You may notice that the flag in our downtown Park has been updated since the old one had become tattered and torn from wear. We wish to thank Ron Vecchie for his donation of a new flag and to Bud Rubeck and crew for putting it up. Bud is also the one whom makes sure the flag is put at half mast on designated days. We thank them for their service!

SPEAKING OF SERVICE: As Memorial Day approaches we wish to extend a thank you to all those that have or are serving in the military. Thank you for your service!! Once again,the Veterans will travel out to Clam Lake to hold a service of remembrance at the river and the Clam Lake Cemetery. This service will take place at noon on May 29th. Lyn Hartl of the Junction and Chippewa Outpost will continue the tradition, begun by Ray and Evy Swaggerty, of hosting the luncheon provided for the Veterans and their families following the service at the Chippewa Outpost. We thank him for continuing this tradition.

STRANGE BUT TRUE? (BELIEVE AT YOUR OWN RISK): Last week I had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Dewane Frase, a chiropractor from Phillips WI, who claims to have had a stranger than fiction experience a couple years ago while passing through Clam Lake on Highway M. As him and his sister approached what, he termed the first hill on M upon leaving Clam Lake, he saw a large dark creature cross the road. As he slowed down to see what it was the creature, whom appeared to be standing upright, stopped, turned and looked right at him. So…..what did he think he saw? Although reassuring me that he had never believed in Big Foot before he does now. He theorizes that since animals such as moose sometimes migrate into our area so may have a Sasquatch. Hmmm…..So keep an eye out, I guess??? (As a side note: Speaking with wildlife biologist Josh Spiegel he suggested that a plausible explanation for this was seeing a black or cinammon bear walking upright on its hind legs.) And now back to our regularly scheduled program…..

BEIMDICKE POND RETURNS: Due to our abundant snow melt, after a two year absence due to drought, the small picturesque pond on Clam Lake Road has made a reappearance. This pond was christened “Beimdicke Pond” in remembrance of the Beimdeickes (Harry and Barbara) that owned a summer home in the 30’s and 40’s across from the pond. Barbara Beimdicke was an aunt to Pearl Accola, whom like myself and my other predecessors, wrote the “Clam Lake News”. After Barbara’s death, Ed Accola bought the property from Pearl’s mother, Carrie Roedl, whom had inherited it. Ed and Pearl lived in the Beimdicke cabin for over 46 years. The pond was and is home to many varieties of frogs, several turtles and the occasional ducks. We are happy it is back!

Until next week…..

Pictured is Beimdicke Pond.