Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

“SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN” – I had a chance to catch up with Jack McGregor, our local weather man, to see how we are standing as far as rain totals this year. As of September 25th, we were at almost 5 inches for the month of September with 31.6 inches of total moisture for the calendar year – this would include snow melt. For now, we are sitting at above average totals. As forest dwellers we can be thankful for that!

ATV CLUB CASH RAFFLE WINNERS – Here are the results of the ATV Club’s Cash Raffle – Congrats to all!!

$5,000 – Bob Longfield
$3,000 – Jeff Landis
$1,000 – Penny Titus

$200 Winners – Kathy Guthman, Ken Zivic, Rob Dezotell, Jake Allen, Jason Melby, Matt Hewitt, Joe Kalmon, Tammy Pederson and Noah Hurley.

$100 Winners – Gene Herman, Stan Peterson, Tanya Schneider, Scott Kapel, Rich Hewitt, Jay Runde, Dave Paterson, Kelly Beilke, Toni Vernoski and Jeff Huppert.

$50 Winners – Jim Rondeau, Sue Johnson, Jason Cook, Jackson Carter, Steve Landis, Nancy Ransom, Sue Schneider, Jake Allen, Sam Allen and Dave Cole.

The ATV Club would like to congratulate all the winners and thank the Clam Lake Junction, Ransoms, The Elkhorn and Frito Lays for their donations. Thank you to Jeff Landis for cooking our flip flop chicken and to all the members that helped out. Thank you to everyone for supporting the Elk Country ATV Club! (Info courtesy of Rich Guthman – President of the Elk Country ATV Club.)

CLAM LAKE COMMUNITY CENTER UPDATE – The past couple of weeks have seen more being done at our new Community Center. Along with the sidewalk leading to the building being poured and finished there was some leveling done of the grounds surrounding the new structure. A number of spaces for canned lighting have been placed so Bingo playing will be a breeze! Dry wall is now up on the upper half of the walls. The lower walls will be wainscoting. Jack Wiener spent several days at the Center taping, plastering and painting the newly installed walls. He did a super job and it looks great! Thank you Jack!

MEAT RAFFLE – The Clam Lake Forest Riders will be having a meat raffle on Saturday, October 7th at Ransoms Place running from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Time to take a ride, enjoy the colors, support this hard working club and win some delicious meat in the process! (All meats come from Rondeaus in Cable.)

CONGRATS – Congratulations go out to Jan Sharp for being honored by the Cable Natural History Museum for being 2023’s “Volunteer of the Year”! Good job and well deserved! Way to go Jan!

HISTORY MOMENT – Taken from an October 1954 edition of the Looking Back section: “1934 – CCC Camp Clam Lake and CCC Camp Beaver (also of Clam Lake) had a good football game Sunday afternoon. Camp Clam Lake won by a score of 6 to 0.” (As a side note – The CCC Camps often played football and other sports against each other. Although Camp Beaver had the reputation of being a “rugged football team” and won its district championship one year they were not the winners of this particular match-up.)

Until next week…..

Pictured is Jack Wiener painting the walls at the Clam Lake Community Center.