Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Winter, Winter….why must thou come to greet us so early??? And Fall….. we hardly knew thee. Thankfully, I’ve heard that a Halloween warm up is headed our way. We’ll take it!

HALLOWEEN SPIRIT: Once again, the Filter home is looking festive for this spooky season with dragons, pumpkins and skeleton boats. Nice! Thanks to them for bringing a smile to our faces as we drive past.

REMINDER: Free testing for covid-19 is held Wednesdays at the Winter Fire Hall from nine to one for anyone that wishes to have a test. This is done on a first come, first served basis although one can preregister for a test. With covid on the rise in our area communities please do what you can to protect yourself and your neighbors. Thank you!

ELK HUNT UPDATE: Congrats go out to Jeff Wippich on a successful elk harvest. Jeff is the first “local” to participate in the Wisconsin elk hunt. On the afternoon of the 20th he harvested elk number 213 who was born in 2007 to cow number 22. Cow number 22 was one of the original cows brought to Clam Lake from Michigan in 1995. He was born just south of Lower Clam where a location capture was done on him as a calf. He underwent two more captures – once when nine months of age and then again as a young spike. For the next decade of his life his whereabouts were generally unknown to the DNR, until now. I wish to thank Josh Spiegel, our resident elk biologist, for sharing bull number 213’s history with us.

Time to wish a Happy Birthday to all those celebrating birthdays in November. They are:
November 1st – Kathy (McCorison) Arias
November 2nd – Richard Reukema
November 5th – Brent McFadden
November 6th – Patti Renzelman
November 9th – Allissa Ward and Cindy Buryanek
November 10th – Cody Feckner
November 11th – Ace Griffaw
November 13th – Chris Ferda
November 16th – Kate Alden and Caleb Melcher (who will be turning one!)
November 17th – Becca Biasi
November 18th – Kari Jo Ford
November 19th – Jessica Eder
November 21st – Tom Biasi and Kris Guthman
November 28th – Mary Schier and Ron Miller
November 30th – Hudson William Gerhardt

CONGRATULATIONS go out to our special anniversary couple Iona (94) and Carl (95) Guthman who will be celebrating their 74th wedding anniversary on November 9th. Amazing!!! We wish them a very happy day!!!! (They are the parents of Rick Guthman of Clam Lake and often spent time in the village over the years.)

FAREWELL! We wish a fond farewell to Tim and Tammy McFadden as they begin the next phase of their lives upon the sale of the Clam Lake Junction. They built the Junction in 1997 with it opening in July of that year. The business has consisted of a gas station, convenience store and Motel with the Clam Lake Post Office housed within it’s walls as well. For the past 23 years it has been the hub in Clam Lake providing us with our daily needs and distractions Being in such a remote area it was always a comfort to know that a jug of milk or a few gallons of gas were only a “stone’s throw” away. It was THE spot to stop in and have a chat to catch up on all the local news and events. The McFaddens always provided a high level of service to their customers and good product. They were always expanding and improving their existing facilities to accommodate the needs of the community and the tourism industry we serve. And they were hands on owners working long hours to make the Junction the success it has always been. Many of us, over the years, were employed there at one time or another – myself included and I think most of us would remember our time there fondly. With their homes in Clam Lake and English Lake they will still be a part of our community for which we are thankful. Tammy also reassured me that she will continue working at the Junction as they transition over and in the future. We wish them well and thank them for all they have done for our community over the years!

Happy Halloween to one and all!

Until next week…. when we meet the new owners of the Clam Lake Junction!

Pictured is Tim and Tammy McFadden then and now. (Now photo courtesy of Kim Filter.)