Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Evening Readers..

I hope this day found you all in good couldn’t of asked for a better day. The mercury was pretty steady at 59/60 degrees, there was a light breeze and the sun was shining.. I would say for the first full say of Autumn we couldn’t of asked for a nicer day..

A couple of weeks ago I stopped in at the Northern Post Gift Shop and met the nicest lady there..You would think that we live in such a small village that we should know everyone. But, that’s just not the way that it is..So, it was such a pleasure to meet you Polly Trauba-Brownson and I hope it was just one of many meetings. You are someone I would like to know better and hear the rich Trauba history of our little village..

I got this note from Pat Dudley:

Pat Dudley’s family from Minnesota and her family from Wisconsin which numbered twenty three people spent the weekend in Clam Lake. Bob Larson from Glidden, WI was the DJ for Saturday evening. The music was awesome and fun was had by all. I’m sure Bob can attest to that.

During the day a family picture was taken and also a Four-generation picture of baby Beckett Jack, his Mom Symantha Wold, his Grandmother Krystal Guthman and his Great-grandmother Patricia Dudley. Like Kris said “It took 77 years for this picture”. LoL..There was a trip to Copper Falls and Football Sunday was held at Ransom’s Bar and Grill in Clam Lake. The hospitality was awesome, smiles often and a great time was had by all..Thank You Ransom’s for putting up with us. Until next Year!

This is the last full week of September, next week October Birthday’s and Anniversaries.

Don’t forget the special Autumn Mass at St. George’s Chapel on October 6 at 6pm..

Have a great week..Until next time..Be Kind!