Clam Lake News & Events

Good Rainy Sunday Reader’s!

This light rain will help green up the forest a little more and help the flowers bloom. but, it will also bring on the mosquitos. I really hope not! Let’s hope for a healthy population of bats this year as they can eat thousands of mosquitos a night…..
This Thursday is the monthly Potluck Dinner/meeting. Meeting is at 5pm, dinner will promptly follow meeting. So, bake up at tasty treat and come join your friends and neighbors for a fun filled evening…….

This Saturday, June 13 is the Elk Country Atv Club’s overnight ride to Mercer. The ride leaves the Elkhorn Promptly at 8am. If you need more info you can call Rick and Kris Guthman at 715-794-2298. They also, have info on motel arrangements…..

Mass at St. George’s is going strong. Mass is promptly at 6pm……

Until next time… kind!