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Upper Clam Lake Survey
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

We (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) are conducting a fishery survey on Upper Clam Lake this year. Beginning as soon as the ice goes out and continuing throughout the summer and fall you may see DNR personnel running nets and operating electrofishing boats. Beginning with the opening of fishing in May a creel survey clerk will be on the lake interviewing and counting anglers. This creel survey, or angling survey, will run throughout the open water and ice fishing seasons until the first Sunday of March next year.

Just what will be done? Here’s a short explanation of the survey process:

  1. Fyke netting – Large trap nets called “fyke” nets are used to capture gamefish and panfish.

    These nets are stretched from the shore out to a flag buoy as much as 150 feet off shore. The fish captured in these nets are measured, sexed, aged, possibly marked with a fin clip, and then released. This information will tell us about the growth rates, abundance, and health of these fish populations. You are welcome to come out and watch us handle the fish.

    Please stay a good distance from the nets when we are not present so as not to alter the survey results.

  2. Electrofishing – Electrofishing is done starting late evening and into the night. You may see large boats, with bright lights and poles extending from the front, moving slowly along the shore. These boats momentarily stun the fish so they can be captured. The fish are then measured, recorded, possibly marked with a fin clip, and released unharmed.
  3. Creel Survey – The creel survey will give us estimates of fishing pressure, angling effort directed at each species of fish, approximate numbers of fish caught and harvested, and their lengths. The creel survey clerk will ask you a few questions about your fishing, usually at the end of your outing. At times, it may be necessary to interview you while you’re still fishing. It will take a few minutes. Your time and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in the lake survey! The information gathered, combined with information from previous surveys, will allow fisheries biologists to determine the best management plan for your lake. We encourage your questions. The creel survey clerk will be able to answer many of your questions and can direct you to the right person for other information.

For more information about the survey, and to request survey results and reports, contact:

Gene Hatzenbeler, Fisheries Biologist
WDNR Spooner Office
810 West Maple Street
Spooner WI 54801
(715) 635-4164