Historical Snippets

Camp Fire Island 1925
By…..Lynne Rice

Once again I return to my favorite subject…..

The first resort in Clam Lake was on Camp Fire Island on Upper Clam Lake. It operated from 1912 through 1936. This brochure shows it in the height of it’s business life during the Roaring Twenties. Eleven years later, fire would destroy the main building with it never being rebuilt. It was gifted over to the Federal Government in 1942.

The cost to stay on the Island in 1925 was $24 a week, or $4 a night. Children 10 and under could stay at half price. Guides were $5 a day which included their room and board. Boats could be rented at $1 a day or $5.50 per week. You could arrive by automobile on the new Hwy. No. 77 or you could come in by train to Glidden where you would be met by car and transported out to Clam Lake. The cost for this service was $7.

You were assured to have the best “eats” during your stay with a fresh supply of milk, eggs, poultry and beef. Your cabin would have screens and a porch area with plenty of warm bedding. Food was served in the dining cabin.

Hunting and fishing were deemed plentiful, although the 1924 fishing season had been labeled “freaky”.

It was described as a “dress as you please camp for ladies and gentlemen who want fishing or rest without dancing and the dress for dinner stuff.”

Reservations well ahead of time were advised because “generally we have every cabin working every day.”

Great memories of long ago!