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Happy Spring Readers!

It’s Sunday evening and the mercury here on the south side of the lake is settled in at 43 degrees..I guess that’s as close to 50 we are going to get today. But, at least the snow is melting and we will be seeing green in our gardens soon.. My  daylilies have already peeked above ground and there are a few knobs on my small rosebud tree I’ve been nursing indoors all winter. I know with this warmer weather everyone I talk to is itching to get out there and remove all the winter debris from their yards and if you have animals you know what I mean..also, all the branches that blew down with all those windy days we had..I know Clam Lake residents are ready for winter to be over, we the die-hard who stick it out all year are really ready for winter to be over..We all want to see the renewal that spring brings, the birds singing, the grass turning green and the flowers that spring bring…I say hurry up!

This certainly wasn’t a bad winter but, the older we get the harder it gets and we question why we don’t head south with the rest of the “snowbirds”.. I know for me it’s the beauty of the place, the first snow fall, the deer and elk walking across the lake, the beautiful ride into Hayward or Ashland or Park Falls and the fact that you can go to the grocery store and “not” fight huge crowds to get that box of nutty buddies (except Birkie weekend)… There are alot of reasons we stay but, no matter what reason it’s home!

I hope everyone enjoys this first full week of Spring…Until next time..Be Kind!