Community Club Meetings & Minutes

July 14th 2022

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Ace Grffaw with 32 people attending. The Pledge of Allegiance was said and visitors were introduced.

The Minutes for the June 9th meeting were read and accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report was read and accepted.

Old Business:

4th of July – The Treasurer’s account of the expenditures and income from the 4th of July celebration was read. It was noted that 104 barbecues were sold as well as 200 bags of popcorn. These totals are significantly higher than last year. We wish to thank all those that helped make the evening the success it was. These would be: Fireworks – Bud Rubeck, Derek Bay, Tom Biasi, Josh Louks and Cole Evansen. Barbecues – Lea and Jerry Justice. Beer Stand – Lea and Jerry Justice and Dennis and Bonnie Booth. Popcorn – The Griffaw family – Ace, Joan, Kim, Kelly, Chris and Kayla. Thanks to one and all!

Park Landscaping – Jerry Justice reported that the blocks from Menards have been bought. At this point, Menards is waiting for someone to be available to deliver them. Once delivered, work will commence.

New Business:

Outreach – Tom Dezotell is stepping down from the Outreach program. We wish to thank him for his years of doing this service for the Club. Alice Filter volunteered to be the new Outreach person. We thank her for that.

Plaque – A memorial plaque was ordered and installed at the Park for the McCorison family. Ace brought up the possibility of installing a plexiglass shield for the Memorial plaque area. Him and Bud will discuss this further.

Landing – It was reported that Life Link emergency helicopter service made their first landing at our Helipad off of Rescue Road. According to people on scene it all went without a hitch. Thank you to all that participated in this emergency situation.

Chad Mess won the door prize with Alice Filter winning the Fill Your Card Bingo.

Meeting adjourned
Respectfully submitted by Lynne Rice – Secretary of the CLCC Inc.