Community Club Meetings & Minutes

Last meeting in the old Club house – November 10th, 2022

On Monday March 20th 2023, The Community Clubhouse collapsed due to heavy snow. The building was deemed a total loss. At the time of the collapse the Clubhouse had served the community for 82 years.

Demolition was begun on Monday March 27th 2023 by the Town of Gordon.

On Monday March 27th 2023 a special meeting of the officers was held to discuss the way to move forward.

Present were President – Bud Rubeck, Vice-President – Ace Griffaw, Secretary – Lynne Rice and Treasurer – Julie Rubeck.

It was noted, at this time, that per the By-Laws of the Corporation the officers can make decisions without a vote process. As a courtesy, in the past, things were brought before the assembled group at meetings for a vote and still often are, but, it is not a necessary action of the Corporation.

At this time it was decided that we would definitely rebuild.

Lynne was asked to put weekly informational updates on the progress of this in her weekly column.

A separate building checking account will be set up with two officers on the account. They will be Treasurer Julie Rubeck and Vice President Ace Griffaw.

Jerry Justice has talked to Nelson Lumber of Hayward about a plan and material.

An informational meeting will be held to discuss starting points sometime in the near future. Please check the website or the Glidden paper for updates on when and where this will occur. Public input is encouraged and all are welcome to attend. The Club wishes to be as transparent as possible in moving forward.

Bud Rubeck and Jerry Justice are working on price checking.

With the advent of new building codes fresh cooking will not be permitted in the new building. Since the Community Club is deemed a commercial building we would need to install a commercial kitchen that would meet with all codes. This would be very expensive. Our present insurance does not cover commercial cooking. Warming up of things and microwaving will be permitted.

There was talk of repositioning the beer shed so that is an extension of the building. This smaller space would be easy to heat so a bathroom could be installed within the Club itself.

The timeline is to have the building framed up by winter.

It was noted that Mike Kelsey of Hayward is looking into getting the Club designated as a 501c3.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by:
Lynne Rice
Secretary of the CLCC Inc.