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Hello Clam Lake!

Spring seems to be trying to make some headway this week as the warm sun has been beating down and temps have been rising. The slow but sure melt is underway. Will take a while but, we’ll get there. Snow depths in the forest are still very high with animals such as deer and elk making their way out onto the roads for easier mobility. Time to be on the look out for them as one is out and about.

END OF AN ERA – It is with a heavy heart that I write of the loss of a fixture of our community for the past 82 years – The Clam Lake Community Club. The Club was built in 1941 by Harry Snyder along with help from various community members of the time. In 1937, a former CCC Camp barracks was given to the Club from Camp Beaver. This camp was located down GG South. Many CCC camp barracks, upon dissolution, were given to communities and repurposed. The building was brought to the area designated and for whatever reason was dismantled. It was decided to use the materials from the dismantled CCC camp building, along with the purchase of new materials, to build what became the Clam Lake Community Club. Most of the new materials were bought, along with some donated equipment, from Joe Schraufnagel of Glidden. The first meeting in the new building was held in August of 1941. Prior to that, the organization had met at the Clam Lake School or in the very early days – Camp Fire Island. Over the years, the Club house has been used for countless activities. It has been the setting for meetings, seasonal parties and get togethers, a place for children to roller skate or men to have a rifle range. Plays and entertainments were held within its walls as were informational talks and meetings. Celebrations of life, 90th birthday parties, baby showers, religious services and Sunday School classes, card parties, game nights, Square Dances, Ham Dinners, Hog Roasts, 4th of July celebrations, Firehouse breakfasts – you name it, the Club has seen it. When entering the building I often wished the walls could talk to tell of the Club house’s unique insight into our forest community’s history. It saw it all. The last event held in the Club house was the Christmas party of 2022. Considering this was a celebration of such a joyous time of year, it seems a fitting end to its long and very eventful life. And we will move on. Plans are underway to rebuild. Farewell old friend! You served us well!

ON A LIGHTER NOTE: Time to wish all those celebrating birthdays in April a very happy day! They are:

April 1st – Don Vecchie turning 91 years young!
April 2nd – Tim McFadden
April 3rd – Mary McCorison
April – 7th – Lea Justice and Joan Wilbur
April 9th – Pam Hudson
April 11th – Annemarie Stuebe
April 12th – Jack McGregor
April 15th – Deb Straetz
April 18th – Kyle Kreitzmann
April 19th – Colton Miroslaw
April 20th – Brandon Eder
April 22nd – Brittany Heer
April 23rd – Brian Eder
April 24th – Jenny Scherschel
April 26th – Joy Heinlein
April 29th – Rick Filter

The only couple celebrating a wedding anniversary in April are Ralph and Cheri Cornell on April 29th. We wish them very happy anniversary!

Until next week….

Pictured is the Clam Lake Community Club fighting her losing battle with Mother Nature.