Community Club Meetings & Minutes

A Public Meeting was held on Wednesday, April 26th 2023 to get public input regarding the rebuilding of the Clam Lake Community Club/Center. This meeting was held at the Chippewa Outpost and was attended by 25 people.

The Minutes from the Special Director’s Meeting that was held on March 27th were read.

Julie gave the insurance report. Our policy is for $203,900.00 minus depreciation. With depreciation taken into account we received a check for $177,567.84. A separate building account has been set up with Julie Rubeck and Ace Griffaw on the account. If the final replacement exceeds the actual cash value paid, we may recover up to the depreciated amount of $26,332.16/$203.900.00 limit. The insrance has also paid Woodland Rolloff’s bill for the clean up after the demolition. The Town of Gordon did the demolition.

The policy states: You have 180 days to make a claim for the full replacement cost. That date is 9/1/2023. If you are unable to have the repairs completed within 180 days, the insurance must be contacted. It is encouraged to have the rebuild completed within the 180 day time limit.

Ron Miller asked about the need for a Community building. Those attending agreed that they would like to proceed with the rebuild of the building. It was also noted that several organizations that use the building for their functions are missing it and will be glad of its return.


Georgianna Fanella asked why there are not votes taken on various things brought up at Community Club meetings. Lynne explained the decision making process as stated in the By-Laws of the corporation. They state that, due to being a non-stock corporation, the directors are the ones who can make decisions if the need arises. In the past and in the present, things are brought before those attending meetings for their input and agreement but, it is not a necessary function for the running of the corporation. Was and is done as a courtesy to members. Since this was an occasion of crisis involving insurance and other factors decisions needed to be made in a timely manner and were by the directors.

Carol Kriescher asked why the roof hadn’t been shoveled to prevent what had happened. It was noted that Ryan Leuloff was scheduled to come and shovel the roof but, had other places to attend to first so did not make it in time.

Building plans: Copies of the the proposed building that has been drawn up by Bud Rubeck, Jerry Justice and Ace Griffaw were passed out to all attendees. An informal vote was taken by those present with a majority agreeing to accept the plans.

Bids: It was suggested that bids be gotten for the rebuild. This was agreed to and it was noted that contractors are very difficult to line up due to their busy schedules and lack of manpower. Bud is using his contacts to get this accomplished. Volunteer help will also be needed and encouraged.

Hydronic heat (in floor) was discussed as was metal roofing and Smart Siding.

Richard Reukema asked how far the building would be placed away from the fire hall. It was noted that it will be 12 to 15 feet away leaving enough room for a truck to get through for access to the back yard and plowing, if necessary.

Carol enquired whether the firehall could be used as a community building. It was noted that in order to do that the trucks would have to be removed thus leaving us without local fire protection.

It was also asked whether the trucks were still in working order and used. Tom Biasi, whom is a member of the fire department, explained that yes they are run and checked often and that in the event of a local fire he takes one to the location. At present we have a fire truck and a tanker in the fire hall. A hydrant is down at the river in town to fill the tanker. Ralph mentioned that the truck and fire department responded very quickly when there was the fire at the Chippewa and he was thankful for the local service being available.

Lyn Hartl suggested we talk to Brian Pemberton, whom may have materials on hand from a building project, that could be purchased. Lyn will also look into getting windows and doors from his connections in Medford.

Changing the name of the building was also discussed. The Clam Lake Community Club Inc. is the official name of the corporation but, the building does not need to be named that. Most agreed it should be called the Clam Lake Community Center which is the name that is printed on the sign in the yard.

Also discussed was the posting of upcoming topics at Community Club meetings. Georgie asked why this was not done. It was noted that the minutes, which detail subjects brought up at meetings, are made available on for viewing.

Building Committee : It was decided to add two addional people onto the building committee. Richard Reukema and Crystal Carter volunteered. The committee now consists of Bud Rubeck, Jerry Justice, Ace Griffaw, Richard Reukema and Crystal Carter.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by:
Lynne Rice
Secretary of the CLCC Inc.