Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

This week saw us returning to winter. We had a few days of summer last week with a quick return to winter as the snow began to fall. And fall it did! We ended up with, according to our local weatherman Jack McGregor’s official measurement, 13.6 inches. A few locations were measuring as much as 18 inches depending. Definitely enough! With warming temps it is melting once again but, was hard to see it’s return after having two days of 70 plus temperatures. Time for Mother Nature to get back on her meds and let spring get back on track.

RECORD BREAKER – CONGRATULATIONS 2023? I had a chance to catch up with Jack McGregor whom has been tracking our Clam Lake weather for the NWS (National Weather Service) in Duluth since 2001. Coming in at a total (so far!) of over 150 inches of snow for this past snow season we have broken the previously held record of 144 inches achieved in the winter of 2013/2014. He recorded 18 inches of the white stuff for the month of April between various snowfalls. Also measured – 11 inches of moisture content for the year beginning as of January 1st. Are we proud? Hmmm…..maybe. (As a side note: Jack’s weather can be viewed at . Weather updates every five minutes.)

MEETING REMINDER: On Wednesday, April 26th the officers of the Clam Lake Community Club will be holding a public meeting for all interested parties, on the rebuild of the Clam Lake Community Club/Center. This meeting will take place at the Chippewa Outpost at 2:00 pm. We welcome all to attend! Remember you can take a drive down Clam Lake Road to note the flags that have been placed to represent the estimated placement of the new building. What a great opportunity to be a part of this new and exciting chaper in our history! Hope to see you there!

SPRING FLING REMINDER: Clam Lake’s Annual Spring Fling will be held at the the Pinehurst on Saturday April 29th from Noon to ? This event will be a Pot Luck and BYOD. With the loss of the Community Club, where previous Spring Flings have been held, Richard and Makala Reukema have very kindly donated the use of the Pinehurst for this get together. Time to come out and celebrate making it through the winter of 2023 with neighbors and friends. Maybe spring will decide to make a reappearance in honor of the occasion. Let’s hope so!

LOON FALLOUT! (from the Raptor Education Group, Inc.) “Loon fallout occurs when the atmospheric conditions are such that the migrating loons develop ice on their body as they fly at high altitudes and crash land when they are no longer able to fly due to the weight of the ice on their body or the interference with their flight ability. The current ice/rain and unstable air currents is a perfect set-up for this to occur. Loons cannot walk! They will need your help! If you find one on land or on a road realize that it cannot walk. Their legs are placed to the back of the bird and are made for swimming and diving not walking. Remember loons are wild creatures with very sharp beaks and are difficult to handle. If found please call REGI (715-623-4015) or Loon Rescue (715-966-5415). DO NOT TAKE TO SMALL PONDS!! They cannot fly from small ponds as they need a quarter mile or more of open water to run across to get airborne. Loons are the symbol of the Northwoods and need our help right now.” Thank you!

Until next week…..

Pictured is a loon that crash landed in a cow pasture being tended to by animal rescuers. (Photo courtesy of Raptor Education Group Inc.)