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Happy October Readers!

It’s October..where did September go? This week has found us with cooler temps and that sure seems like Fall weather to me..A couple of nights we’ve had to kick the furnace up a few degrees notches to take the chill out of the house..that said Welcome Fall!

Last week I forgot to put in the October Birthday’s and Anniversary’s so here they are:
10-04 Paul Eickermann, Kari Jo Ford
10-06 Tammi Eder
10-07 Al Van Camp
10-09 Laura Cornell
10-11 Margaret Schier
10-13 Buzzard
10-16 Barb Schaefer
10-18 Faith Hulstrom turns a pre-teen 12
10-19 Tawnya Hulstrom turns a young 45!
10-22 Randy Roquemore, Liam Swearinger
10-26 Teri Steffin, Fred Hodgeman Jr.
10-29 Lynne Rice
10-31 Lance Holister
Anniversary wishes go out to the the following folks:
10-03 Dan and Julene Rein celebrate their 58th year together of wedded bliss..
10-24 Carl and Jean Kubley
10-25 Don and Paulene Castro celebrate 43 years of happiness together..
10-29 Bob and Georgie Fanella celebrate 57 years of love and faith together..

No matter what you are celebrating we all hope it’s a very happy day!

The next Clam Lake Community Potluck Dinner will be held on Thursday, October 12 at 5pm..There will be a short meeting then dinner so, bake up a tasty fall treat and come join your friends and neighbors for an evening of good food and lots of laughter…

Until next time..Be Grateful, Be Humble and Be Kind