Clam Lake News & Events

Happy Sunday Afternoon Readers!

This week our northwoods weather will be a little cooler than we like mid fifties and low sixties during the day which is okay but, the cool part will be the low thirties at night even a thirty one early on in the week.. As next Sunday finds us at the mid-month mark and the weather people starting to talk about that four letter word again so soon..and everyone is saying we are in for an early’s no wonder some snowbirds are flying the coup earlier this year.. It’s all happening too fast for me…

This Thursday October 12th the Clam Lake Community Club will hold their monthly Potluck Dinner/Meeting at 5pm.. There will be a short meeting then dinner so, bake up a tasty treat and head on down to the community center for an evening of good food and great conversation with your friends and neighbors….

Until next time…Stay warm and Be Kind!