Clam Lake News & Events

Good Monday Morning Readers!
It’s early Monday morning (7:30) and it’s 35 degrees on Lower Clam Lake, a bit chilly compared to the 81 degrees we experienced in Kentucky last week at our daughter Tawnya’s. It was a lot of driving 18 hours but, we are sure glad to be home!

This is a very slow time of year, the time between fall and winter but, it is a furry of activity for those “Snowbirds” closing up their places for the winter as the head to warmer climates. As winter comes the population of the area towns decreases significantly as only we who “love” winter stay behind… We will miss all the “Snowbirds” and hope they all have a very good winter and look forward to their return next spring….

As October quickly comes to an end we will be celebrating November Birthday’s and Anniversaries. Here’s my list for November (if I have missed anyone, please let me know):
11/02 Richard Reukema
11/06 Patti Renzelmann
11/09 Allissa Ward
11/10 Cody Fecker
11/11 Ace Griffaw
11/13 Chris Ferda
11/16 Kate Alden
11/17 Becca Biasi
11/18 Kari Jo Ford
11/21 Kris Guthman, Tom Biasi
11/28 Ron Miller, Mary Schier

Happy Anniversary to Carl and Iona Guthman celebrate their 70th year of wedded bliss!

No matter what you are celebrating we all hope it is very happy!
We all hope you have a very nice week and to the snowbirds have a safe trip to your winter homes…
Until next time…be kind and stay warm!