Community Club Meetings & Minutes

October 13, 2016
Regular Meeting & Potluck

Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod at 5:15 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Ace Griffaw, Vice President & Joan, Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer, Pat Dudley, Andrea Krygoski, Len & Joy Heinlein, Jerry & Lea Justice, Carl and Jean Kubley, Fred & Kish Hodgeman, Bob & Cindy Buryanek, Brian & Doris Johnson, Tom Dezotell, Kathy Arias, Esperanza Arias. Ace called for several minutes of silence in memory of Don Eder who passed away October 7th.

Minutes of the September 8th meeting were read. Moved to accept by Andrea Krygoski, seconded by Lea Justice. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

                        Checking account balance 9/8/16                                            $ 3,286.15




                                    Family                                                                                      $      50.00


                        Fire Island Book                                                                                   $      30.00

                        Kiosk Memorial [Paul H. Dumholt]                                            $    150.00


                        Bayfield Electric (thru 9/1/16)                                                  $    113.30

                        Postmaster (Box 6 thru 9/17)                                                   $      42.00

                        Pat Dudley (Bingo prizes)                                                        $      39.82

                        Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation [thru 11/17]               $      35.00

                        Checking account balance 10/13/16                            $ 3,286.03

                        Scholarship Fund                                                                                 $ 9,415.52

Motion to accept by Joan Griffaw, seconded by Pat Dudley. Motion carried.

            Old Business:

                        Andrea reported Outreach cards sent to the Eder family, Bud & Julie Rubeck and Tim Steffen.

                        $150 received from John Dumholt for a memorial plaque in honor of his father, Paul H. Dumholt, to be installed on the kiosk in town.

                        Community Club has a post office box for all correspondence. P.O.Box 6.

            New Business:

                        Guests Kathy Arias (daughter of Roger & Betty McCorrison) and her sister-in-law Esperanza Arias were introduced. Kathy plans to move to Clam Lake in May from Milwaukee. Brian and Doris Johnson new owners of John Cannon’s home introduced themselves. They have another home outside of Hayward.

                        Bill read the current report on Bud Rubeck from CaringBridge which indicated steady improvement. A motion was made by Pat Dudley, seconded by Andrea Krygoski to donate $100 to CaringBridge in Bud Rubeck’s name. Motion carried.

                        Bill said he would look into Town of Gordon snow plowing Club parking area when clearing in front of firehouse.

                        There being no further business to conduct it was moved by Andrea Krygoski to adjourn and seconded by Tom Dezotell at 5: 46 pm. Motion carried.

            Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer.