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Good Sunday Evening Readers!

It’s 5:05 pm and pitch black’s been that way since about 4:30 pm, it gets dark so darn early these days but, one good thing is that it’s light outside before 7 am which is a good thing for all those headed to work and watching for all the deer running out of the woods away from the hunters…

With today being the second day of the 2017 Deer Gun Season things have been pretty quite between Saturday and Sunday Deb’s had 13 deer come in to be registered..for the buck pool. With the lack of registration stations this year it’s hard to get the exact numbers on the deer taken..Just remember to have a safe hunting experience out there…

This weekend is the last weekend that Northern Post Gift Shop in Clam Lake will be open for the year..There are many specials going on and it’s a good time to pick up a few gifts for the holidays…Don’t forget..

You have a couple of weeks to go to find that perfect “Potluck Recipe” for the Clam Lake Community Christmas Party which will be held on Thursday, December 14th at 5pm.. We all hope you can attend so, hope to see you there..

As we all prepare for Thanksgiving this week..Please remember those things we are truly Thankful for..Faith, Family, Health and to always be Grateful for what we have been Truly Given….Until Next Time..Be Kind!