Clam Lake News & Events

Good Very Cold Morning Readers,

It is -17 degrees on the South side of Lower Clam Lake at 6:15 this Tuesday morning..Brrrr and double Brrrrr! This week we are expected to be below zero all week but, there is some good news news a few of those days will be in the single digits above zero and there will be sunshine! Yeah..Sunshine..I bet that will lift every ones spirits…So, Enjoy!

I got a call from Ray Mathey and Ray informed me that his wife and companion Bev had passed away on December 12th…Bev was a joy to all those who knew her and will be truly missed..We are all sending Ray and the entire Mathey Family our Sincerest Sympathies..Ray, You are in our Thoughts and Prayers..

As we welcome in 2018 on Sunday let’s safe out there..

Until next time..Be Kind..Be Humble..Be Grateful because we do have alot to be grateful for…