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Emma Rechenberg is a morning anchor at KBJR 6 news. She and I began communicating about our shared love of Clam Lake. Her grandparents, Norm and Irene Rechenberg, had a cabin on Upper Clam Lake that she would come to as a child during the summer. This left her with many wonderful memories of times spent here. I knew her family and remember her uncles well. When they were children they would walk to town to play pinball and eat candy treats at our soda fountain. I can just see them walking down the road heading to town, with dimes for the pinball machine in their pockets. Good memories!

Upon learning that I was gathering Clam Lake’s history and would be featuring it in the new Museum being built in Glidden, she asked if she could come down and do a story. On Tuesday, December 19th, she did just that!

The story should air between the week of Christmas and New Year’s on the KBJR 6 morning news. So, as they say, “stay tuned…..”

Pictured is Emma Rechenberg and myself (Lynne Rice) next to the Clam Lake Welcome sign and Memorial board. Both her grandparents and my parents (Jerry and Tish Holter) are on the board. The Rechenberg family still spend time here at their cabin.