Clam Lake News & Events

Today being the 17th of December the countdown to Santa’s arrival has gotten much closer…I have yet to send out my first,,,I way..way..behind,,,as usual.

While you are making out those last minute cards you can make out one for these friends and neighbors having January Birthday’s and Anniversaries..
01/01 Gail Mc Donnell
01/06 Morgan Keany (turns 22!)
01/08 Danielle & Michael Nielson
01/09 Alana Vecchi / Dan Cornell
01/13 Mickey Dumanch
01/16 Gordon Reinders celebrates his 90th!
01/22 Lief Hulstrom (turns 14!)
01/26 Dan Rein
01/29 Kenlyn Estelle Heer
01/31 Lisa Heer

Anniversary Wishes go out to Jerry and Patty Renzelmann who celebrate their special day on January 8th..

No matter what you are celebrating we all hope it’s a Very Happy Day!!

This is the last shopping week before Christmas hits next Monday..So, If you are out there among the last minute crowds..remember patience..

Until next time..Be Patient..Be Kind!!