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Good Sunday Evening Readers!

It’s hard to believe that this is the end of December already, winter doesn’t even begin until the 21st, which is Monday of this week. There is some snow on the ground and the lakes have some ice on them but, they sure aren’t safe enough to drive on for ice-fishing yet!  Speaking of ice-fishing, there’s a few more weeks before the Elk Country Atv Club will hold it’s 8th Annual Ice-Fishing Contest on Saturday, January 16, 2016. The contest will be held on Upper Clam Lake promptly at 8am… There’s a brand new Atv as grand prize, also there’s an ice shack, fish finder,ice auger and many more prizes… Do you have the lucky ticket? If you don’t buy one, you can’t win….and they are sold at the local watering holes….

As you make out the last minute cards you have to do, don’t forget these January Birthdays:

01/01 Gail McDonnell

01/08 Danielle and Michael Neilson

01/09 Alana Vecchie, Dan Cornell

01/13 Mickey Dumanch-Borman

01/17 Gordon Reinders turns a youthful 88!

01/22 Leif Hulstrom turns 12!

01/29 Kenlyn Estelle Heer, Bill MacLeod

01/31 Lisa Heer, Claire Steffen

and a very Happy Birthday wish to Morgan Keany who turns 21 on January 6! A very Special Birthday Wish from Gramma and Grandpa!!

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Jerry and Patti Renzelmann who celebrate their day on the 8th of January…

No matter what you are celebrating, We all hope it’s very happy….

I would lie to wish all my Readers a Happy and Healthy Holiday!

Until next time time… kind!!