Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Afternoon Readers!

As we look for colder weather this week so, hopefully the ice will be safe by January 16, 2016 for the Elk Country Atv Club’s Annual Ice Fishing Contest.  Do you hold the lucky ticket? If not you can get it at any local watering hole…..

About a week ago Pete Heinritz was on his way home from a weekend in Clam Lake and was in a terrible accident. He is in Marshfield Hospital in intensive care. Pete has a caring bridge site. It is so you can check his progress.

We would also like to send cherry thoughts and prayers to Duane Johnson, who recently had bypass surgery. To Don Eder and Gordon Reinders who are recently have health issues. You are all in our thoughts and prayers…..

If you didn’t attend the Clam Lake Community Club’s most recent potluck dinner then you really missed out! There was an abundance of food, an abundance of friends and a good time was had by all…. If you missed it you really did miss out…

Thank you to Kathy Erickson, Lynne Rice and Pat Dudley for beautifully decorating the hall…..

Christmas is only 11 days away as of Sunday. There are presents to wrap, cookies to bake and a house to decorate! Are you ready?

Until next time…. be kind!