Clam Lake News & Events

It started out a little cool this morning, 30 degrees here on Lower Clam and then the sun came out. Yippie! By the time the sun was about to go down it was 56 degrees. Yippie! We’ve had to cover the flower garden for the last two nights. It seems like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it was Spring….

The St. George’s Chapel will open it’s doors for the summer season, Memorial Day to Labor Day. It opens the Saturday before Memorial Day. I’ll have the specific time next week…..

It seems that all of Clam Lake has a rather large and hungry bear on the prowl. The brut has knocked over dumpsters, destroyed bird feeders and dumped garbage all over. We know they are out so, put your bird feeders in at night and don’t leave your garbage laying around and if he becomes a real pest, call the DNR for the number of the local trapper…

Speaking of wildlife, the Glafcke’s and I are playing host to three beautiful Red Breasted Grossbeaks. They are sure fun to watch and by the way, the hummingbirds are back so put out your feeders….

With Memorial Day right around the corner that means that graduation is too. That means open house’s, parties and kids galore out and about. Be a cautious driver, please!

Thank You for the phone calls, my knee replacement went well and I’m home recouping. Thank you again…

Until next time…be kind! Also, be safe out there…..