Clam Lake News & Events

I hope everyone had a very Happy Mother’s Day!

The next Potluck Dinner/meeting will be this Thursday, May 12th at 5pm. There will be a meeting first, then social time and then dinner. After dinner there will be a few games of “high stakes” Bingo. This is a nice time to reconnect with your friends and neighbors… So, bake up a tasty treat and come to the Community Clubhouse on Thursday….

The weather has been beautiful lately in the 50’s and 60’s  but, those nasty gnats are out! You can barely sit outside these days let alone work in the garden. We are expected to get some rain this week which is good for all the flowers coming up. Also, it’s good for the forest, with that terrible fire in Canada it seems we are all at risk with the fire danger is very high. Right now you are not allowed to have a campfire or burn debris because we are very dry!  So, please use extra caution and be careful when grilling, smoking and any outside activity that might cause a spark and that all it takes……

When you are driving here and there, watch out for the deer and elk. With the green grass on the roadside they are out and about….

Until next time….be kind!