Clam Lake News & Events

This week will turn out to be a beautiful according to the weather people. So, enjoy!!

As your week and summer continue to be busy I thought I would do the August birthdays now to ensure that the cards get out on time…..

Here are your friends and neighbors having birthdays:

08/01   Jim Krygoski

08/02   Devin Schaeffer

08/04   Jessie Eickermann

08/10   Jane Eder, Pete Alden, Tara Hodgeman-Stockdale

08/14   Bob Fanella, Kim Griffaw-Roberts

08/15   Sarah Reukema

08/17   Jerry Justice

08/20   Cher Cofrin, Care Plotkowski

08/21   Chris Cornell, Bunny Fisher

08/23   Jim Stowell

08/25   Wendy Cobb

08/27   Wyatt Hulstrom turns 17

08/29   Nate Rice

08/31    Cheryl Miller

Anniversary Wishes go out to:

08/15   Tom and Nilu Eder  7 years

08/20   Jim and Joan Wilbur  50 years

08/30   Dave and Evalyn Frasch

No matter what you are celebrating, We all hope it’s a very happy day!!

The last Clam Lake Potluck Dinner was a very well attended event as 20 people baked up a tasty treat and filled the hall. The next Potluck will be held on Thursday, August 11 at 5pm….

Get out and enjoy the week…….Until next time… kind!