Community Club Meetings & Minutes

July 14, 2016

Regular Meeting & Potluck

Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod at 5:14 pm with the pledge of allegiance.  In attendance: Ace Griffaw, Vice President & Joan, Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer, Len & Joy Heinlein, Jill Ferrie, Lynne Rice, Ron & Colae Vecchie, Marla & Pat Wheelan, Maura Fabrizi, Bill & Bridget Byrnes, Martin & Julie Stein, Bob & Cindy Buryanek, and Dave Scherscel.

Minutes of the June 9th meeting were read. Moved to accept by Len Heinlein, seconded by Joy Heinlein. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account balance 06/09/16                             $ 4,738.54



Individual                                                                                             $

Family                                                                                                   $   100..00

Donations                                                                                                                 $


Chris Frasch                                                                                            $    200.00

Ron Vecchie Family                                                                                   $    100.00

Bob & Karen Schmidt                                                                                 $      50.00

Bob & Cindy Buryanek                                                                $      25.00

Deb’s Y Go By                                                                                 $      50.00

Clam Lake Forest Riders                                                             $    100.00

Local business customers                                                           $      57.53

Event collection                                                                                          $    167.85

Popcorn                                                                                                        $      49.00

Sloppy Joes                                                                                                 $      90.00

Beer, Pop & Water                                                                                     $    341.00


Bayfield Electric Coop [6/30/16]                                                  $    197.78

Kitchen supplies (Pat Dudley)                                                                    $      13.57

BugMeisters                                                                                                               $    211.00

Beer, Pop & Water                                                                                                    $      97.87

Sloppy Joes                                                                                                                 $      20.46


Checking account balance 07/14/16                             $ 5,528.24


Scholarship Fund                              $8,915.52

Dumholt memorial                            $1,000.00                           $ 9,915.52

Motion to accept by Bob Buryanek, seconded by Joan Griffaw. Motioned carried.

Old Business:

There were no new outreach cards sent this month.

Bill reported the third and last mailing of membership renewal requests had been completed with a result of 121 memberships.

Fireworks Financial Report:


Steve and Elyce Rembos                                                                           $ 4,000.00

Town of Gordon                                                                                                                    300.00

Town of Shanagolden                                                                                       275.00

Tom and Terry Biassi                                                                                                        25.00

Clam Lake Storage (Justices)                                                                           100.00

Ella Stevens                                                                                                                              25.00

James “Coby” Shaw                                                                                                 500.00

Christopher Frasch                                                                                                          200.00

Ron Vecchie Family                                                                                                        100.00

Bob & Karen Schmidt                                                                                                 50.00

Bob & Cindy Buryanek                                                                                        25.00

Deb’s Y Go By                                                                                                            50.00

Clam Lake Forest Riders                                                                                 100.00

Local business customers                                                                                 57.53

Collection at event                                                                                                          167.85

Popcorn                                                                                                                                    49.00

Sloppy Joes                                                                                                                              90.00

Beer, Pop & Water                                                                                                         341.00


$ 6,455.38


Bud and Julie Rubeck

Cobra Firing System/Mortar tubes                                $ 3,082.10

The Lumber Yard Plus

Mounting mortar boards                                                                    190.66

Spielbauer Fireworks Company

Fireworks                                                                                                   1,250.00

$1,000,000 Insurance                                                                                550.00

Beer, Pop & Water                                                                                                           97.87

Sloppy Joes                                                                                                                         20.46

$ 5,191.09

Profit                    $ 1,264.29

Bud Rubeck, Ace Griffaw, Tom Biasi and Doug McDougall were praised for their work providing an excellent fireworks display with club’s new technical equipment. Chris Frasch has posted the event on the Clam Lake web site which is greatly appreciated. Jerry and Lea Justice provided sloppy joes (Junction the buns), Griffaw family popcorn and Brian Bowman and Jan Sharp worked the beer shed. The whole event was a huge success by all accounts and to all who worked to make it so – Thank you.

New Business:

There will be an August 75th Anniversary Pot Luck on the second Thursday of the month to celebrate the use of the clubhouse for community club meetings. Please try to attend as it will be a social affair. NO MEETING. Open at 5:00 pm with pot luck at 5:30 pm.

There being no no further business to discuss it was moved by Joan Griffaw to adjourn and seconded by Len Heinlein at 5:38 pm. Motioned carried.

Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer.