Clam Lake News & Events

Happy Friday Everyone!

This morning we all woke up with a little chill in the air, as it was 48 degrees. What a surprise! At least we got a break from the horrible heat. I guess living this far north we are spoiled and are not accustomed to all that heat and humidity but, look out we are in for another dose early on in the week with some thunderstorms.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed the subtle changes in our Northwood’s? The drying weeds along the roadside, the slight hint of yellow in the white birch leaves, the black-eyed Susan’s and tansy’s in the ditch’s? I’ve really noticed the not so subtle changes in my flowerbed, the white hydrangeas’ are now starting to sport their fall pink petals. No matter what these changes are, slow down and enjoy!

Have you noticed it? Have you seen her wave in all her glory? I’m talking about the new change in the park. Thanks to the Vecchie Family the park has a beautiful new American flag to replace the old one, who waved proudly over the park these past few years.  Have you visited the park lately? If not, pack a picnic lunch and surround yourself in it’s beauty…..

The next Clam Lake Community Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday, August 11th at 5pm. So, mark that date down and come join your friends and neighbors for an evening of fun…..

Until next time….slow down and enjoy and be kind!