Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Evening Readers!

This Sunday found most residents wishing for a much better day, it was gloomy and rainy for the most part and the sun finally peaked out about 5:45pm but, that didn’t keep the few Sawyer County residents of Clam Lake from showing up at the Town of Spider Lake’s Fireman’s Picnic. On the menu this year was pork and turkey, baked beans, coleslaw, rolls and dessert. It was great! This is an annual event for this township, a meet and greet for the fire department and their annual fundraiser for much needed training and supplies. It’s a very nice way to meet your neighbors and the people that will be there be there to help you when you need them..

It seems Clam Lake was full to the brim over the fourth, with all the snowbirds, campers, vacationers and family one wonders where they all stayed.. Well, if it was at the Fanella house it was in every nook, cranny, closet and porch they could find..

Georgie and Bob enjoyed the company of the following family and friends: Roxane Fanella, Bobo and Pam Fanella, Monica Fanella, Joey Fanella & Julia Rodriguuez, Jackie Fanella, Tony Fanella, Scott & Tracy Sickorski, Tony and Irene Szucko, Alex Rak, Jerry Frangello, Zachary & Tiffany Harris, Thaydon & Kyler Harris, Vitto, Patty, Rocco, Sophia, Marnia Rizzi WOW! The group had a great time and is already planning 2018!

Riley and Rebecca Bixby of Cary, Illinois have been enjoying their vacation in Clam Lake at Gandpa and Gramma’s Bob and Terese Bailey’s.. The girl’s really enjoyed the fireworks and looked very fashionable in their glow-in-the-dark glasses..

Recently Jeff and Wendy Rowsam from Denmark, Wisconsin stopped by to visit with old friends John and Beth Francois for a few days of R&R.. The couples had a great time catching up on families and ol’ times during their stay…

It’s hard to believe that June went by so fast…I hope we get more sunshine and beautiful days in July…Let’s all think positive!

See you at Potluck on Thursday at 5pm, July 13th..

And A Very Special Welcome To Clam Lake To Austin Reukema! Austin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reukema….

Have a good week…Be Kind!!