Clam Lake News & Events

Here’s the September Birthday and Anniversaries of our friends and neighbors:

09/01  Lisa Street

09/02  Judi VanCamp, Jeri Cornell

09/03  Kelly {Griffaw} Williams

09/05  Shirley Kohnen

09/06  Mason Hollister

09/08  Connie Wiener

09/11  Richard Hogue

09/14  Bob Schmidt, Craig Nielson

09/15  Jacob Miroslaw {Tim Gapen’s Grandson}

09/16  Peter Eickermann, Janet McCloud

09/18  Dan Allen

09/19  Steve Alf

09/27  Linda Glafcke, Tammy McFadden

09/29  Jim Wilbur, Taylor McFadden

09/30  Ron Vecchie, Debra Higgins, Greg Reinders

Anniversary Wishes go out to:

09/02  Ron and Cheryl Miller

09/11  Jim and Dolores Lambert

09/19  John and Beth Francois

09/23  Brian and Tawnya celebrate 21 years together!

No matter what you are celebrating, We all hope it’s HAPPY!

Hope you enjoyed the week…..until next time….be kind!