Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Afternoon Readers!

I hope everyone is having a great afternoon! The mercury is settled in at 73 degrees and in the shade you can feel a slight breeze but, in the sun it feels a lot warmer…. it’s a pretty enjoyable day no matter where you are….

You can sure tell that our short summer is winding down, this weekend is the Labor Day Fair in Glidden and that means a lot of fun activities at the fair grounds, St. George’s Chapel in Clam Lake will hold it’s last mass on Saturday, September 3, at 6pm and then the ladies and Gordy will be making the winter trek to mass in Glidden. Deb’s last Taco night will be held on Wednesday, August 31 at 5pm and won’t return until 2017. The kid’s will be returning to school soon, that means the summer chaos ends and the normal routine can finally begin. We all hope you had a great summer……

Someone left the gate open and a few Clam Laker’s took a scenic ride to Glidden to enjoy a Fish Fry at the Glidd Inn. It was Richard and Jean Miendel and long-time friend Dale, Pat Dudley, Lynne Rice, Kelly Martell and yours truly. It was a beautiful ride and the food was great….. It sure is nice to venture out of your surroundings….

It seems that the Hodgeman household was a pretty busy place this past weekend as Fred’s daughters and their husbands made the trip from Illinois to visit with Fred and Kish. Cindy and her husband Glen Verdun from Odell, Illinois and Leslie and her husband Tim Whitlock from Normal, Illinois. The girls enjoyed their time in Clam Lake and were happy to make new memories with their dad….

Cher Cofrin traded the grill at Deb’s last Sunday for the golf course as she and her companion George stood by their hole to greet the golfers at the Annual Cause for Paws Golf Outing. George loves this event and was glad it wasn’t raining….and everyone there loves him too!

Don’t forget the monthly Potluck Dinner/meeting which will be held on Thursday, September 8th at 5pm. So, bake up some tasty fare and join your friends and neighbors for an evening of fun!!

Until next time…be kind and enjoy life!!