Clam Lake News & Events

Good afternoon Readers!

It’s  beautiful Sunday afternoon, the mercury on our side of Lower Clam Lake is settled in at 66 degrees. There’s a light breeze and if you sit in the sun it’s pretty nice. Sometimes fall like is the best!

If you missed the last potluck you missed out on a lot of fun. The meeting was very informational and “High Stakes” bingo was a blast. Joan Griffaw and Karen and Bob Schmidt seemed to be the big winners! So, if I peaked your interest the next potluck/dinner meeting is Thursday, October 8th at 5pm.

If you didn’t attend the RMEF Bugle Days you missed out on a lot of fun. The meal consisted of pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, beans, coleslaw, corn muffins and cupcakes. Not to mention the venison sausage, cheese, chips and salsa, corn puffs and let’s not forget the peanuts. There to represent Clam Lake were Al and Sherry Sherllich, Lea and Jerry Justice, Bud Rubeck, Dan Allen and his girl Kathie, Len and Joy Heinlein and Cher Cofrin, Jerry Jossert, Lynne Rice, Bill MacLeod, John Cannon, Pat Dudley and me. I hope I got everyone if I missed someone please let me know…

With the first frost the other night the leaves will be changing a little faster now… so, get out there and see the changes…

Until next time…be kind!