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Clam Lake News – At Home Edition Volume 3 – Hello Clam Lake!

Wow! Here we are and it’s only our 122nd day of quarantine!! Is time flying or what? On the bright side (literally!) spring is HERE!….or trying to be. The days are getting warmer (sometimes), what snow is remaining is melting (sometimes), with Mother Nature all over the place. Rain, thunder, snow, warm, cold….you name it, we’re there. Easter Sunday saw a typical “Spring In Wisconsin” moment with the ice going off the lakes (sure sign of spring) with big flakes of snow coming down (sure sign of winter). Oh yes…..

Once again I am doing my “At Home Edition” of the Clam Lake News. Unlike the media people you cannot see me at home so just picture a little old lady with a background of trees and mud and you have the general idea.

RESTRICTIONS: Ashland, Bayfield and Sawyer counties have all asked seasonal home owners not to return to their homes at this time in order to protect our health and theirs. One factor is the large number of high risk individuals who reside here with another being our lack of adequate medical facilities due to being such a rural area. At this time it is best to stay where you are so you can get the medical help you may need. The virus is making it’s way to our area with cases in all three of these counties at this time.

CLOSURES: I spoke with Hilary Markin who is the Public Affairs Officer for the Forest and Director of the Great Lakes Visitor Center. Due to continued concern over the spread of Covid-19, on April 10th, it was decided to delay the reopening of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest recreation sites. This includes: campgrounds, trails (motorized and non-motorized), day recreation areas (which include trailheads, picnic areas, boat landings and beaches), dispersed (roadside Forest) camping, and all restroom facilities. Also closed are Lost Lake Cabins, the Great Lakes Visitor Center and Forest Lodge. All garbage receptacles have been removed from recreation sites and reservations will be cancelled and refunds issued for the month of May. The Forestry will continue to monitor the situation and respond accordingly in June. The general Forest remains open to the public including Forest Roads for hiking, biking and scenic driving. All persons in the forest should practice social distancing guidelines.A word from Paul Strong, Forest Supervisor for the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, “Personal responsibility is now more important than ever. Let’s all do our part to ensure we are keeping ourselves, our families and our communities safe by being prepared and recreating responsibly.”

THANKS go out to Marlie Reukema (age 5) and her mom Makala for placing home made hearts on the trees as you enter GG south. This is a project created by “Hearts in Windows”.for the coronavirus stay at home isolation. The hearts signify “Spread the Love, not the Virus.” Being in our natural world of the forest they decided to put them on the trees instead of their windows so people could see them as they drive by. What a wonderful message!. Thank you!

BEAR CHAT: Joanna Burditt, an employee of the Clam Lake Junction, encountered a large black bear on her drive to work last week. She stopped her vehicle and chatted with him a bit to which he replied “harumph!”while peaking out at her.from behind a few small trees (social distancing). Always good to stop and check in with the bears after their long winter naps. According to Joanna all seemed well!

QUARANTINE CONCERT: Last week via Facebook, Bob Fanella age 83, treated us to an impromptu concert. With special hat on and guitar in hand he sang, “Sam, Sam the S#*t House Man”. This is a song he has sung around countless campfires at the Fanella home over the past 30 years when friends and family come to visit.”Kids” young and old sing along with him much to everyone’s delight. Due to it’s somewhat bawdy nature, the younger vocalists are told this song can only be sung when in the presence of Uncle Bob and if he has his hat on and is playing his guitar. Bob was hoping to bring smiles to our faces in this time of quarantine.. Good job Bob! Mission accomplished! Thank you! (I think we were all singing along – I know I was.)

Until next week….stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!

Pictured are the “Hearts In Trees” courtesy of Marlie and Makala Reukema