Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Once again, I am doing my “at home” edition of the Clam Lake News. We are now into week two of our “stay at home” directive and I hope everyone is doing well. Even though we are apart, thanks to the Internet and social media we are staying connected with shared stories and most importantly – humor! We have seen the interiors of many, many celebrity homes on various newscasts and programs. Personally, out of a natural sense of curiosity, I have enjoyed this voyeurism. “Oh, so that’s your kitchen! Nice!” “Where does that door go? Oh…in there! Cool!”

Good will continues to abound within the community. Someone took it upon themselves to do decorative chalk art on some of the paved side roads with supportive sayings such as “You Are Amazing, Look on the Bright Side and Be Kind Always” Uplifting messages when out dog walking and something creative to keep oneself busy yet isolated.

RESTRICTIONS: Bayfield, Ashland and Sawyer Counties have all asked people not to return to their summer/second homes during our lock down. This is for our safety and theirs. Not only may they bring the virus to us but, once here, our rural medical facilities do not have the resources to handle large masses of sick people. So, stay home where you can receive the medical care you may need. Our thanks go out to those that have cut vacations short and returned to their permanent residences from other areas and go into immediate isolation to ensure their health and protect ours. Thank you!

CANCELLATIONS: The Clam Lake Community Club will not be holding their monthly meeting in April due to the “stay at home” mandates. Hopefully, we’ll see you all again in May. Save those giggles!

I asked some Clam Lakers (past, present, near and far) what they have been up during this “stay at home” time. Here are some of their responses:

Georgianna Fanella – Baking, craft projects (glitter shoes!) and spring cleaning.
Jill (Eder) Markee – Spending time with their new dog Kenya.
Pat Dudley – Cleaning her attic, crocheting doilies and waiting for warmer days to sit on her porch.
Jan Sharp – Walking Nina, working on genealogy, organizing old photos and of course! Bird watching.
Bev Vadnais – Cleaning out her freezer, making freezer jam, baking and getting an early start on spring cleaning and eating.
Jerry and Colleen Jossart – Puzzles, board games, walking everyday, Zooming family and lots of baking of sweet things and eating.
Lea and Jerry Justice – walking Brownie, pet sitting a three month old French bulldog, watching Netflix and playing games.
Barb and Jack Cook – Barb – taking care of Jack, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and trying not to go crazy.
Cher Cofrin – Praying, reading, biking, swimming, more praying, face timing family, walking George and eating.
Bonnie Reukema – staying home like she normally does (her words) and watching a lot of TV.
Colae Vecchie – getting pots ready for planting, taking things to storage, puzzles, checking on her Mom and watching The Marvelous Miss Maisel.
Tom and Terry Biasi – Tom – vacuumed all three vehicles, got ATV ready for spring, adjusted maple sap collection system, dug boat out of snow and made BD video for grandson. (Whew!) Terry – laundry, cleaning and walking up and down the road.
Greg and Linda Meland – staying in touch with family and friends, walking everyday bingeing shows and eating.
Gail and Tom McDonnell – stuck in New York at Gail’s daughter’s – while there painting the kitchen, having campfires and doing chainsaw work.
Bob and Jayne Bay – Jayne – Cleaning out stuff, reading, watching movies and face timing the kiddies. Bob – out in the woods.
AND last but, not least – Kathy Arias – Looking for something she lost – her mind!

Seems like a lot of cooking and baking going on. Yum!

And me? Reading, which leads me to researching things on the Web, walking (or trying to in the mud), biking in place, playing Candy Crush, writing and did I mention reading??? Also…oh yes! Eating.

As the chalk drawing below says keep smiling. We’ll get through this apart, yet together. We’ve got this!

Until next week….Stay safe! Happy Easter everyone!

Pictured are words of encouragement on Clam Lake Road.