Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Hmmm…..not time to put those snow shovels away yet, is it? Winter is definitely having a hard time letting go this year. I think we were all thankful that we didn’t get the amounts originally expected. With spring storms one never knows.

Once again, we decided to cancel the Community Club meeting/Pot Luck/Bingo because of inclement weather. Hopefully, by the time our May meeting rolls around snow and ice will no longer be a concern. Keep fingers crossed! The next meeting will be on May 9th.

A special birthday wish goes out to Karen Johnson, employee of the Clam Lake Junction. Her day is April 18th. Karen has been undergoing some medical treatment over the past few months. We all miss her and hope she has a great birthday!

I talked with Diz this week asking him how the shed hunting was going. So far it’s been slow with not much found. As a REMINDER: Ken Zimmeran, official measurer, will be at the Elkhorn on April 27th to measure all North American animal sheds and skulls in conjunction with their annual Elk Fest.

Speaking of the Elkhorn – they have been closed this past week to allow for new flooring to be put down in parts of the building. I got a glimpse of some of it on Friday and it is looking very nice!

Colleen Jossart had bear tracks in the snow with her bird feeder knocked down. They are awake! I had a robin in my yard trying to dig worms from the snow. I wished it luck.

I had a chance to catch up with Beth Allison last week. She is our resident fiddler/violinist and a very talented one at that! Her and her huband Chuck are orginally from the Racine area and have lived here for a few years. I asked her what attracted them to this area. It seems the elk played a large part in their decision to move northward. They first considered the Black River Falls area, but, once they ventured to Clam Lake they were sold! The peace, the solitude, the quiet of the forest was too much to resist. I remember speaking with her when she first moved here. At that time she told me she was hoping to link up with other musicians, as she had in Racine, to play gigs and practice. That has become a reality for her with as many as ten fellow artists getting together to play at various functions. – most recently a St. Patrick’s Day event. When the weather warsm she can often be found playing by the Clam Lake Junction. We are fortunate to have her!

Good news! The Parish Council of the Most Precious Blood Church in Glidden has decided to re-open St. George’s Chapel in Clam Lake for the summer season. Public interest in our historic chapel ran high last year when it was closed. We are thankful to those that have stepped up to be part of the services and help keep it alive and well. To have a place of worship in our small rural community is important to all. The Masses will be on Saturdays at 6:00 pm running from Memorial Day till Labor Day.. The first Mass of the season will be held on May 25th. If you wish to volunteer or would like to participate please contact me. Once again, thank you to everyone that helped make this possible. St. George’s serves the spiritual needs of locals, summer people and tourists alike.

Remember if you have news to share don’t hesitate to get in touch! Thanks!

Happy Easter to everyone!!!

Pictured is our beloved St. George’s Chapel built 71 years ago in memory of a son taken too soon.