Community Club Meetings & Minutes

Hello Clam Lake!

This week saw us going from winter to summer and back to winter again. Maybe spring was in there somewhere but, if it was, it flew by fast!The warm up and melt were definitely a wonderful reprieve! Hopefully, it comes back soon!

COMMUNITY CLUB UPDATE – MEETING: On Wednesday, April 26th the officers of the Clam Lake Community Club will be holding a public meeting for all interested parties, on the rebuild of the Clam Lake Community Club/Center. This meeting will take place at the Chippewa Outpost at 2:00 pm. We welcome all to attend! On that note – if you happen to drive down Clam Lake Road you will notice flags have been set out to represent the estimated placement of the new building. Time to be a part of this new and exciting chapter in our history!

SPRING FLING REMINDER: Clam Lake’s Annual Spring Fling will be held at the Pinehurst on Saturday April 29th from Noon to ? It is a Pot Luck and BYOD gathering. In lieu of the loss of the Community Club, Richard and Makala Reukema have very kindly donated the use of the Pinehurst for this event. With spring seeming to be in the air, it’s a good time to come out and visit with neighbors and friends to celebrate this much longed for season. Think Spring!!!!

HISTORY MOMENT: Taken from an April 1947 edition of the Glidden Enterprise: “Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Curd were here from Wentworth Wis., to spend the weekend visiting with their daughters Mrs. Wm. Eader (Cecil) and Mrs. Lester Taylor (Foy) at Clam Lake.” This would have been John and Laura Curd whom came to the Glidden area from Minnesota sometime in the early 1900’s. After working in the lumber camps for a while it seems they migrated out to Clam Lake where they ran the Clam Lake Store for a time during the 20’s when it was still known as the West Fork Store which was owned by George Deringer of Glidden. Although they would not stay in Clam Lake, their two daughters, Cecil and Foy would. They also had a son named Laurie whom would move to Wentworth. Cecil and Bill Eader would take ownership in 1955 of Rast’s Service Station in Clam Lake eventually selling to Renzelmanns in 1967. Foy would marry Les Taylor with the two of them taking over the Chippewa Tavern in 1936. After Les’ death in 1959, Foy ran the tavern on her own for a few years, eventually selling to the Lance family in the mid 60’s, followed by Ray and Evy Swaggerty in 1968. Foy continued to come up to Clam Lake during the summer months until her death in 1993. Foy was also a teacher whom taught at the Morse School for a while. Joy Stuebe recalled, after the Clam Lake School closed, the elementary children went to the Morse School and had Foy as their teacher. Both Foy and Cecil would participate in many activities while in Clam Lake – such as the Women’s Club and the Snow Toppers. Foy is remembered fondly as quite a character.

Until next week…..

Pictured is Foy (Curd) Taylor as a child with her mother and father at Soderbeck’s Camp at Drink Hearty Spring Hill. (Taken from the History of the Glidden Four-Town Area book.)