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Hello Clam Lake! (At Home Edition)

It started out as a very windy week which helped dry up the roads and open the lakes. Once the wind settled and the sun came out it seemed like a lot of folks were out working in their yards. Always good to get back outside after a winter of being in. I’ve seen a few pictures of locals having snowball fights while raking. Ahhh…spring in Wisconsin. (No names – you know who you are.)

Speaking of lakes, the fishing season opener is almost upon us beginning on May 2nd. Remember that all Federal boat landings are closed at this time due to Covid-19 concerns. This is not only to protect fishermen but also to safeguard the health of federal employees who clean and maintain the landings. I spoke with Scott Toshner, the Region Supervisor of Fisheries Team. He said the DNR are encouraging people to be enjoying the great outdoors during this time and to focus on fishing locally since travel is not recommended. Before fishing, make sure to check if the landing you are thinking of using is closed or open. Closed landings will have signs posted to that effect. Please remember to practice good social distancing when out enjoying the forest.

As stated, all Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest recreation sites remain closed until further notice. This includes campgrounds, DNR boat landings, trails (motorized and non-motorized), picnic areas and beaches. Also closed are Lost Lake Cabins, the Great Lakes Visitor Center and Forest Lodge. The general forest remains open to the public including Forest Roads for hiking, biking and scenic driving.

REMINDER: Seasonal home owners are asked not to return to their second homes at this time. If you do travel into our area remember to practice CDC guidelines and quarantine in place for 14 days. I spoke with one resident that had traveled and was doing just that. She said she wanted to be a good neighbor and a good citizen. Bravo and thank you!

KINDNESS continues to abound during our quarantine. Kris Guthman put her sewing talents to good use making masks for those that needed them. When asked about cost she said her payment was people wearing them when they should. Thank you, Kris!

HISTORY MOMENT: May 3rd will mark the 25th anniversary of elk arriving in Clam Lake from Michigan. What a great addition they have been to our community!

With the month of May almost upon us it time to wish all those born in May a Happy Birthday. They are:

May 3rd – Dodo Dumanch – 90 years young!!!
May 10th – Len Heinlein
May 12th – Tifffany Eickermann
May 13th – Meghan Keany
May 16th – Jenny Gapen
May 19th – Lacey Hollister and Jacob Miroslaw
May 21st – Pam Stowell and Nila Eder
May 31st – Don Castro – 81 years young!

The only couple celebrating their wedding anniversary in May are Ron and Colae Vecchie Their special day is May 28th. We wish them a Happy Anniversary!

A special Happy Birthday goes out to Dodo Dumanch who will be turning 90 years young on May 3rd. Things she has shared with me come to mind. I remember her telling me that as a small child her father would take her along as he visited the various CCC Camps. She attended the, once upon a time, Clam Lake School. She became an Olympic trained figure skater and shared pictures of herself doing that with me. She took over as our Post Master in 1956 and held that position for the next 50 years. She traveled to Africa and many other places. She fought the system when it was proposed to put in a minimum-security prison where the Job Corps once was. She was always involved in our local events and was often an officer of the Community Club. I remember visiting with her one afternoon as she was trying to decide which things to put into storage when she left her Clam Lake home. She turned to me and said, “You know, Lynne, every one of these is a memory.” So many memories! She always exuded a sense of enjoying life and the people in it. I am grateful to have known her. Happy Birthday Dodo!

Until next week…. stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!

Pictured is Dodo Dumanch getting her glam on as she turns 90 years young!