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Hello Clam Lake! (At Home Edition)

Sandwiched between two gorgeous weekends, we had a few days of badly needed rain. Fire danger was running high so the rain coming down was a welcome sight. Hopefully, it will also help to wash away the remaining snow banks that want to hang in there. Time for them to be gone!!

UPDATE: I spoke with Mike Martin, the District Ranger of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, to get an update on the re-opening of Forest sites. As of May 1st all DNR boat launches, unless within a Federal campground, will be open to the public. Remember to try and fish locally since travel is not recommended at this time. On May 8th, all designated trails (motorized and non-motorized) will open. This slight delay from the normal May 1st open is to allow the trail partners time for maintenance. This would normally have been done prior to May 1st if possible. All campgrounds remain closed as do public restrooms, beaches and picnic areas. As always, remember to practice CDC social distancing guidelines when out enjoying the forest and lakes. Thank you!

As in past weeks, it is asked that seasonal home owners do not return to their second homes at this time to help flatten the curve and prevent the spread of Covid-19. Anyone traveling into our area should self quarantine for 14 days per CDC guidelines.

Once again our meeting of the Clam Lake Community Club that was scheduled for Thursday, May 14th has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 Quarantine. We hope to see you all again soon! Meanwhile, feel free to keep practicing making dishes to pass and coming up with unique ways to play Bingo. We’re counting on you!

SHED HUNTING: I spoke with Rob Sparhawk last week and asked him how the shed hunting was going. Shed hunting is a great way to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors this time of year. Rob is a true man of the forest who will often spend 8 to 12 hours a day (if he can!) out in the woods walking with his dog Sheldon. They look at beaver dens, deer, elk and whatever else they happen upon. Of course, Rob’s main focus this time of year is shed hunting. Sheldon is a big helper in this endeavor. Rob has taught him to use his keen sense of smell to find the sheds. When Sheldon finds one he sits next to it and waits for Rob to catch up. The purpose of this is not only to find that particular shed but to then hunt for the matching one that may be nearby. Location is key. Rob said his interest in shed hunting was sparked from talking with Tom Dezotell (Diz) who he got to know when he worked at the Clam Lake Junction several years ago. Upon riding to work every day from the Hayward area he would see elk alongside the road and decided to give it a go. So began a love of elk and shed hunting with team work developing between him and Sheldon. I asked how it was going this year. He said the elk sheds were down a bit due to the larger bulls being hunted the past few years and that many bulls still have their horns. He reported that deer shed hunting, on the other hand, was going well. One day I watched a video he had posted of his dog Sheldon finding his car keys which he had dropped in the woods while walking. Once Sheldon was told to find them, he was on the job! As Rob came up to him there he was lying right alongside the dropped keys. Sounds like Sheldon is a good friend to have around! (As a side note: When Rob is not out in the forest he is one of our heroes of the pandemic working as an EMT for the Sawyer County Ambulance Service.)

Until next week… Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Pictured is Rob Sparhawk and Sheldon