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Hello Clam Lake!

This is the Clam Lake News “At Home Edition”. Living in the “deep, deep woods” ,as I like to refer to it, lends itself to “at home editions” anyway. So, not too much out of the ordinary.

Spring seems to be on it’s way to the forest! The temperatures continue to rise with a mix of sunny days and clouds – even our first thunderstorm of the year, followed by snow! Mud is making it’s annual appearance with snow banks receding. The animals are on the move with the warmer days. In my few times out and about I have often seen deer on the road sides. As always….take care if you happen to be out driving around. Another advantage to living where we do, we can just take a ride in the car and enjoy our natural surroundings and more than likely see some critters. Nature continues to provide entertainment.

CANCELLATIONS: The Clam Lake Community Club has cancelled their monthly meeting for April in accordance with state “stay at home” ordinances.

APRIL BIRTHDAYS: It’s time to wish everyone born in April a Happy Birthday! Those celebrating birthdays in this month are:

April 2nd – Tim McFadden
April 3rd – Mary McCorison
April 7th – Lea Justice and Joan Wilbur
April 8th – Jim Cozzi
April 11th – Annemarie Stuebe
April 12th – Jack McGregor
April 15th – Deb Straetz
April 18th – Jerry Renzelman and Kyle Kreitzman
April 19th – Colton Miroslaw
April 22nd – Brittany Heer
April 23rd – Brian Eder
April 24th – Jenny Scherschel
April 26th – Joy Heinlein
April 29th – Rick Filter

Only one couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary in April. They are Ralph and Cheri Cornell on April 29th. We hope they enjoy their special day!

RESTRICTIONS: Ashland, Bayfield and Sawyer counties have asked people not to return to their second homes at this time. In these counties many people are in the high risk group with the number of seniors in residence. Also, keep in mind, that our rural medical resources would not have the ability to handle large volumes of sick people. So it’s best, at this time, to stay home where help would be available if you should need it.

CONDOLENCES go out to Deb Straetz and Bonnie Reukema on the passing of their mother Beverly Straetz. Bev was a wonderful lady whom just celebrated her 90th birthday last year. I have many great memories of Bev as a kid going to school in Glidden when I would visit Bonnie’s house or go to the Pink Cafe in Glidden for a burger and fries (which she ran). I also remember her working as a Green Thumber for the Forestry out in Clam Lake. She was a hard working, kind lady always ready with a smile. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Straetz family at this time. She will be missed.

KINDNESSES are in abundance at this time. Many locals are reaching out to each other to see if everyone is ok, do they need anything, etc.? With the shortage of some food and paper products people who have more than they need are offering to share with their neighbors. Amidst all the hoarding it is refreshing to see these attitudes. Kathy Arias came up with a clever idea of driving by our homes, then calling from her phone asking us to come to a window and wave. What a great idea to stay connected!

ELK COME CALLING: My “neighbors”, the elk, decided to pay me a call the other night. As I was siting watching TV I heard a clomping noise outside. I thought….what’s that? When “what to my wondering eyes should appear?” but a bull elk with his harem of ten cows outside my windows. I quickly grabbed my camera and rolled up the blinds. I waved and said “Hi” to them. They just looked at me as if to say….”We know you have to stay in now. We just thought we’d pass through and make sure all was well.” To be on the safe side we practiced social distancing with the glass between us. The next day a cow passed by my office window just to make sure I was still home where I needed to be. I haven’t seen them for a few days so am assuming they are making their rounds checking on others.

Take care folks and stay healthy and safe! We can get through this if we work together! As always it takes a village…..

Until next week…..

Pictured are my neighbors paying me a call.